iPottyiPoo – uPoo Everybody Poo Poos

Oh my gosh, now there is a potty to go along with the title of my new book, the one I am writing for Team Totally.

After the last few weekends,  Annette, our sales manager,  will testify that poo and pee happens, and NOT in our restroom. What’s with parents thinking or “pretending”  that their child is potty trained?  Then expecting our team to clean it up?

While on the subject, what do you think about this for Wacky Wednesday? The iPotty!

The iPotty made its debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  It is a plastic potty for toddlers, which uses an adjustable rotating iPad stand to make the potty training process a little bit less terrible. (so they say)  Most importantly, it comes with a removable screen cover and splashguard to protect your iPad from accidental destruction. (so they say)

There’s a pee guard for the boys when being used as a potty.  Then a lid that turns the iPotty into a seat when potty time is over.   All of it comes apart for “easy cleaning.  (so they say)

The concept here is to get your toddler to stay on the iPotty for as long as it takes to get the job done.  NO, not available in an adult version. (yet)

iPotty closedIt is expected to be available in March with a $40. pricetag.

So…Betsy, opinion? Are we still holding out for the sticker chart, Cheerios and M&Ms? Or will you give Master O his own techno throne?

Everyone Poops

Potty themed board books like Everyone Poops?

Zoo Poo

Zoo Poo?

Potty Animals

And we’ve all know a few of these, right Tim?

The Gas We Pass

That’s all for this Wacky Wednesday folks. ..”The end!”