Don’t forget your feathered friends on St. Patrick’s Day.

This activity is a perfect do together with young children. All you need is green pipe cleaners and some Fruit Loops.


String the Fruit Loops on to the pipe cleaners.


Erin and Erica complete the project by shaping the pipe cleaners in to Shamrocks.


The Shamrocks are now ready to hang on trees outside and making a fruitful St. Patrick’s Day for the birds!

Fruit Tree

The Crafty Crow adds fresh fruit to the trees. We think this would be an ideal pairing with the Shamrocks.

Fruit Garlands

Playing By The Book kicks it up a notch for their neighborhood birds with  gourmet fruit garlands.


Building a bird house feeder for our young birdwatchers looks like a weekend project for this cold St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Pop over to Bless This Mess and you will find the construction instructions.