SnowmanIf you are here in Minnesota today, there is absolutely no sign of Spring. Snowmen still stand proud and tall. No Tulips, Daffodils or a blade of green grass to be seen.  It is impossible to think Spring when the ground is yet snow covered and 5 degrees Fahrenheit welcomes you for your morning drive to work. All I can say to this is: Brrrrr and hurry up Spring,  you know that you should be making your appearance today.

Inside Totally Kids fun furniture & toys….well, that’s another matter. Look at the Pom Poms that Michelle added over the Ultra High Stella Loft Bed.

Hanging Pom Poms

You too can add Springtime Pom Poms to your room. Let us show you how easy it is.

Pom Pom package

The easy peasy DIY Pom Poms come in these neat little magic packages.

Michelle fluffing a Pom Pom

Michelle opens the magic Pom Pom package and fluffs it out.

Michelle hanging Pom Poms

Michelle then takes the finished product Pom Poms to new heights. We at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys would welcome Spring 2013 wherever you are.