Lego Jello

Look what I am making for Master O and baby sister this weekend.

Lego Jello, fun colorful, tasty, jiggly, wiggly, yet best of all, an easy peasy treat.

Watching baby sister squish it through her little fingers should put smiles on all of our faces, right Betsy? (and a mess on the floor no doubt)

Since we have been playing matching games lately, the plan is to match the Jello boxes with his Duplos.


Have the Lego/Duplo blocks washed and ready to go. Choose your favorite flavor Jellos, or in our case, favorite colors. Master O will be matching the colors of red, blue, green and yellow; aka: cherry, blueberry, lime and lemon in Jello speak.

Prepare the Jello as directed on the package. This time, before filling the Duplo molds I am going to first spray them with Pam cooking spray. Hopefully the un-molding will be a snap. Place the molds in a cake pan before filing and then place the pan in the refrigerator until set.

There’s always room for Lego Jello, this week’s Recipe For Fun..