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We wish all of our friends near and far away a fun and safe Memorial Day!

Memorial Day not forgotten

Memorial Day honor

Memorial wreath

Memorial Day garlands

Memorial Day saluting kids

Memorial Day 2 flags

Memorial Day woman with flag

Leave Your Mark

We plan on doing this for the 4th of July since the ice is barely off the Minnesota lakes for Memorial Day 2013.  For those of you in warmer climates, you may be able to kick off summer fun sooner than we can.

It is so very simple, just hot glue foam letters, numbers or shapes on the bottom of flip flops. Think of the fun – leave your mark in the sand. Hint: remember that the prints will be a mirror image, so arrange the letters backward.

Strawberries with flags

Last year we wowed the Memorial Day crowd – “looking like Martha” with these Red, White and Blue-berries.

Lindsey Wise featured this easy, and we think fun cook-together with the kiddos, on Baby Center.  She found the flags at, wouldn’t you know, Walmart.

Pop on over to Baby Center for this week’s Recipe for Fun and see just how easy this one is!  Lindsey introduced us to the strawberry huller which makes the task a breeze.

We wish all of friends near and far away a fun and safe Memorial Day!

This week, while meeting with kid’s stores in Volos, Greece, we learned that it is a big baby town.

white canopy crib

Chances are good that if you are a special baby in Volos you will spend your early days in a canopied crib.

Sea of Canopies

In the sea of cribs adorned with canopies, they are not just reserved for baby girls.

White on white crib

So sweet, white on white for the beginning life of a Greek.

potty seat

Team Totally has potty talk tales that we could share, right?  Notice the little pumpkin!

outdoor store

There were so many swings in this baby store, some of them spilled outside.


Strollers inside and more outside.

For Annette

This one is for our sales manager, Annette!  Of everything that I have seen so far, I wanted to pluck up these signs that were EVERYWHERE and bring some back to Totally Kids.

Elena Secret new

Only Elena knows where her secret hiding room is. Ask your personal shopper to learn where it is
and we will not tell Elena that you, too, know. It’s no secret that this loft offers all that you need to
complete your bedroom; a desk, a built-in dresser, and a stairway unit that features shelving on the
side, drawers built into the stairs and slip-resistant treads. You even get to choose if you’d like to
place the stairway on the left or the right side of the loft bed.
Built of engineered wood and reinforced
with a melamine finish, this super sturdy and child-friendly bed is scratch resistant, stain resistant
and easy to clean — sure to provide you and your child with years of enjoyment.

51″W x 97″L x 71″H

Customize your bed. Shown in a white finish with customized knobs. Also available in natural, nutmeg,
chestnut or brandy. See below for our wide selection of available case pieces, accent colors and knobs.

*Shauna’s Bed of the Week* take 15% OFF

Made in the USA.

glass ash tray

In most American restaurants ash trays are a thing of the past, but here in Greece, they are found on every table inside and outside.  Plus…they get lots of use.  As for the pitcher of water, we were stunned watching our waiter fill it.


All of our plentiful crystal clear drinking water comes down the mountain and runs continually from stone fountains like this one that filled our pitcher.  Silly Americans, we thought that the ancient public stone fountains were just decorative.

Totally Kids fun furniture & toys is proudly featuring the art of Studio Dog Star for the month of June.  Stop in and see the colorful paintings by local artist, Jenn Nicholson Paskus.

dogs art at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Erin gone to the dogs at Totally Kids fun furiture and toys

Look, our Erin has totally gone to the dogs!

Big Dog at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Jen received an art degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1995, with a concentration in painting and printmaking.  Her love of dogs continued with her dog walking business from 1995 to 2003, where most of the inspiration for her work came from.

Jen uses vibrant colors to reflect the emotion and joy that animals bring to our lives.  Her abstract palette and stylized forms capture their character and represent the connection that people feel with their pets.

Along with Jenn’s collection, she is able to create custom paintings for people and their pets.

Visit to learn more about Jenn’s work.

Minnesota’s Got Talent!  If you know of other local artists interested in displaying their work at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys, have them contact Kate, our marketing coordinator.  She can be reached at 952-881-2425 or



And it’s Greek for you!

This week we’ve been searching Athens for the latest and greatest beds for kids.  Tell us what you think of these.  Should we bring them to America?

Greek Goddess Bed

For the littlest Greek Goddess, a modular system and in the world’s most popular colors for girls.

Greek Green Student Loft

Stylish with bold greens and yellows for the student.

Greek Car Bed

This sweet little race car bed with a canopy would be great for boys and girls.

Greek Day Bed

It’s a jungle out there!  Take refuge in this canopied day bed for a good nights slumber.

Greek Treehouse

Live the high life in your very own treehouse.

I Spy