This week, while meeting with kid’s stores in Volos, Greece, we learned that it is a big baby town.

white canopy crib

Chances are good that if you are a special baby in Volos you will spend your early days in a canopied crib.

Sea of Canopies

In the sea of cribs adorned with canopies, they are not just reserved for baby girls.

White on white crib

So sweet, white on white for the beginning life of a Greek.

potty seat

Team Totally has potty talk tales that we could share, right?  Notice the little pumpkin!

outdoor store

There were so many swings in this baby store, some of them spilled outside.


Strollers inside and more outside.

For Annette

This one is for our sales manager, Annette!  Of everything that I have seen so far, I wanted to pluck up these signs that were EVERYWHERE and bring some back to Totally Kids.