Bye Bye Erin

Today we wish our fantastic Erin farewell as she heads off to continue her studies at the University of Minnesota.  You will be greatly missed Erin.

As Julie Childs told us “a party without cake is really just a meeting”.

triple layer cake at totally Kids

So of course we had a cake especially for Erin. You can always pretend bake a cake!


Julia Childs

One hundred and two years ago today Julia Childs, the Queen of cooking was born.  With her goal of adapting sophisticated French cuisine for mainstream Americans, she wrote a two-volume cookbook called Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which was considered groundbreaking. Her cookbook has since become a standard guide for the culinary community.  Julia became a television icon with her popular cooking show The French Chef.

Anthony Bourdain says: “Julia Child was the single most important, influential and game-changing figure in the history of American gastronomy”. “Everything tracks back to her. And though uniquely situated to do so, she never endorsed a thing: not a pot, not a pan, not a chain of restaurants, not a spice blend, apron or boil-in-the-bag dinner. She will be remembered for what she did on this earth, which was to inspire millions to cook — and eat — better”.

blue retro kitchen at Totally Kids

Julia once shared, “I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.” Don’t let your little ones wait until they are 32, start practice cooking now.

Then Julia had her ideas on standard kitchen appliances – “Every woman should have a blowtorch”.

Totally Kids fun furniture & toys does not have pretend blowtorches yet, but this little mixer is always a hit with the younger cooking set.

Baking Set at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Farewell dear Erin and Happy Birthday Julia.

And with Julia’s signature sign-off may we too say: Bon appétit!