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Big Hugs


It has been said that if you’re lucky enough to catch a leprechaun, he not only grants wishes, but surrenders his pot of gold.  Holy Leap’n Leprechauns Batman! Did you ever think that you could really catch one?

The Suburban Mom will show you how you can, and if you want to catch a leprechaun, there’s no time to be a wasting.

Can you keep a little secret?  Good, then this is just between us. Jen, the creator of this terrific trap reveals, “of course, you can’t actually catch a leprechaun (they are too quick)”.  She says: “if you are lucky, he will leave behind a few gold coins (AKA shinny pennies, gold chocolate coins, etc) as evidence of his quick escape”.

Hurry on over to her blog for the leprechaun trap building plans that will thrill your kiddos and maybe start a new tradition at your house.

A Little Leprechaun History for Kids

We all know that leprechauns have played a central role in modern St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Leprechauns first appeared in medieval texts, and are a type of fairy native to Ireland. His small stature helps in evading capture; by the time humans realize something is amiss, he’s out the door! At some point in time, this little symbol of Ireland became a secular mascot for St, Patrick’s Day. Also, this legendary little green man has no connection to the Catholic saint.

May the luck of the Irish be with you finding a leprechaun or not! A wish that every day for you will be happy from the start and may you always have good luck and a song in your heart. May good fortune be yours, may your joys never end.

Shamrock Pie

Okay, so Pi Day is about mathematics. Enjoy it as you may all of you engineers and mathematicians out there. You know who you are, Dave, Uncle Bob, Juan Roberto and all you others.

But for me, you bake them and eat them; that’s my kind of Pi.  Now take a look at this timely Shamrock Pizza Pie where we can celebrate honoring Pi Day, plus St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.  Nothing wrong with killing two birds with one pizza. (no birds were used in making this pizza – PETA)

Kristen at Make the Best of Everything provided the inspiration and tutorial for the Shamrock Pizza Pie.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Pi has something to do with circumference, right?  Well, look at the circumference and what’s in the middle of what we will be serving up tonight!

Happy Pi Day 2014!

Easter Egg Memory Game

If you’re looking for a cute memory game, Mr. Printables has a colorful, you guessed it, “printable” game for you.

Children will need to recognize different colors, shapes and details while trying to concentrate on the 8 brightly colored Easter Eggs, like a spotty one, stripy one or checked one.

Colorful memory game

Remember how much fun memory games can be?

Playing memory games with your child teaches nonverbal skills such as attention to detail and concentration. They also stimulate children’s ability to notice, then think about the visual physical differences. Young children can learn the similarities between objects using their visual memory or attention to their environment.  Best of all, they offer great social interaction by allowing a positive no-tech time to spend with your children.

Thank you Mr. Printables!

Rainbow Necklace

What is it about St. Patrick’s Day and cereal?  Lucky Charms

It’s time to enjoy a big bowl brimful of Lucky Charms and start crafting with Froot Loops.

Feed the birds

Last year we made special Shamrocks for our neighborhood birds. Click here for the how to share your cereal with your feathered friends.

This year we are taking a clue from Eighteen25 and designing over the rainbow necklaces as pictured above. Head on over to their blog for a fruit loopy lesson in edible fashion.

Sugar Cookie Blossoms

While searching for Spring we decided to at least bring some yummy flower blossoms into the kitchen. Just keep thinking Spring and it may happen.

You can bake up these charming flower-shape cookies with the help of one simple kitchen tool – scissors! Have the kiddos roll sugar-cookie dough balls in colored sugar, then you can use a clean pair of scissors to cut each cookie ball almost in half. Cut each half into thirds, making sure not to cut all the way through. Separate the petals, place a colorful candy in the center, and voila! You will have a touch of Spring (for a short time) with adorable cookie blossoms.

You can use your favorite sugar cookie recipe. We took a short cut using Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough and baked 8  to 10 minutes at 375°.

Pillsbury Sugar Cookies Dough
Pillsbury Sugar Cookies Dough
Pillsbury Sugar Cookies Dough

TulipsHere in Minnesota we are hoping that there will be some “Spring ahead” for us and the sooner the better.  With eight foot snow drifts and ice covered roads there is not yet a visible sign in site.

Setting our clocks ahead early tomorrow morning will at least feel like the first step in looking forward to welcoming warmer weather and longer days.  After an unbelievable fifty days of subzero weather so far this year, Spring can not arrive fast enough.

It’s about time, literally and figuratively, to remember daylight saving (not savings) time officially begins tomorrow: Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2 a.m. The concept of something much like DST was referenced by Benjamin Franklin in a satirical 1784 essay titled An Economical Project.

So let’s spring ahead.

The concept of something much like Daylight Saving Time was referenced by Benjamin Franklin in a satirical 1784 essay titled “An Economical Project.
The concept of something much like Daylight Saving Time was referenced by Benjamin Franklin in a satirical 1784 essay titled “An Economical Project.
The concept of something much like Daylight Saving Time was referenced by Benjamin Franklin in a satirical 1784 essay titled “An Economical Project.
 Won Ton Clock
What’s better than a delicious edible reminder? We will be marking ours on two o’clock rather than five till midnight. Head over to Hungry Happenings to learn how to make these delicious timely clocks.

On our cool kids beds search, look what we found down under!  This yellow VW camper is actually a bunk bed; the winner hands down.  We have a few more days in Sydney, Australia and will share our finds.