Yellow Roll Bar Car Bed

Day three, High Point Spring Furniture Market: Wow, pop a wheelie – look at all of the beds on wheels we’re finding!

Silver Metal Car Bed

Designed to look like a real rough and tumble dune buggy, this fun twin sized bed’s spoiler doubles as a built-in shelf.

Colorfull Metal Car Bed

Another dune buggy in brighter colors and just the right size for a growing child with a hunger for action-sports

Green tipped car bed

A touch of green accents on the 2014 Prowler. If a dune buggy has been in your dreams, now you can have one to dream on.

Freedom Racer

Freedom Racer for your Captain America.

School Bus Bunks

Would there be better grades if sleeping in a school bus bunk bed?

Fire Truck Bed

When I grow up I want to be a fireman. Why make him wait until he grows up? With a fire truck bed it can be a nightly event.

Bed on wheelw

A reclaimed look now available in any size bed, plus it is on wheels. Choose any size from twin to king.

Rolling right along this has been a wheelie good spring market.