Winter SolsticeHappy Winter Solstice!

Today, December 21, at 6:12 AM in the Eastern United States is the solstice, marking the sun’s southern most position in the sky, making this the shortest day of the year.

It’s well known that many rituals and symbols now used in the celebration of Christmas were adopted from pagan celebrations of the solstice.

This is a day I always look forward to. The winter solstice marks when the following days begin to get longer and the nights not necesarily warmer (for a few months), but at least bit shorter. We are heading toward summer!
So, what fun things will you be doing on the longest night of the year? We plan on having a jolly old time making Reindeer Root Beer for friends and neighbors.

All it takes is googly eyes, red pom pom attached with a hot glue gun and dark brown pipe cleaners to twist on top of the bottle. Then we enclose a message: with a message: We’re “rootn” that you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

We could not resist dressing the winter ale bottles for a cousins party Monday night.



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