Candy Corn on the Cob

With autumn just around the corner, we thought this weekend we would make some candy corn on the cob. This will be our contribution for the sweets table at the Vikings Kick Off party on Sunday.

All you will need for this sweet project is a tube of raw sugar cookie dough and a package of candy corn.  Start with a cob size of the cookie dough. Push the candy corns into the cookie dough only as deep as the white part of the kernel. Be sure not to push them in too deeply or they will collide and cause the cob to loose its shape. Layer the kernels by alternating the spacing of each row length-wise. As you can see in the picture, the rows with the kernels need to lay flat against each other. Chill at least an hour, then it will be ready for guests to pick the kernels off of the cob for an instant sugar rush.

Another easy peasy recipe for fun!