How are Mountains Made

Do you know how mountains are made? We made that blog will educate you and your kiddos on the three different types of plate tectonic boundaries divergent, convergent, and transform plate boundaries. With this edible experiment you will see the testing of the convergent boundaries, where two plates push together and form mountains.   By pushing the graham crackers together the kids will actually be forming a mountain that they can eat after learning.

Science Saturday: How mountains are made.

Form a Geode

Take the traditional rock candy string experiment to the next level by making these tasty geodes. It’s all about crystallization achieved through total saturation with this experiment. Learn how to make these realistic looking candy creations at

Science Saturday: Without the use of a microscope you can learn all about how crystals form.

Rock on!

Squeeze an Egg

Here is an egg-cellent science experiment from and it will have everyone cringing while little hands squeeze a fragile egg. Give it a try…now try harder. You will never accomplish breaking that egg. Really! Well you can crack it into a pan for breakfast and then eat it.

Science Saturday: The egg’s shape clearly makes it much stronger than it looks.