Social media, are you addicted, affected or connected? At one time the back fence was the pipeline and lifeline for neighbors. Where are we today?









Some old-timers remember when meaningful conversations took place around the dinner table. Family members found it an opportunity to catch up with each other and shared their day’s activities.

Now try to imagine this, there were homes that only had one telephone (landline) and it was not answered during dinnertime.


An article published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology speaks to how using your phone at dinner is not just plain out rude but also makes you unhappy. Technology at the table tends to cause people to feel more distracted and less socially engaged.

How often while dining out at a restaurant do we see a child acting out, and instead of engaging, a parent hands over a tablet or phone to distract the child with a game of baby leapfrog?

How does your family handle the once sacred family dinner, technology at the table or good old-fashioned human conversation?



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