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The school year has not even ended here in Minnesota but we are busily preparing back to school information for College Life Magazine.

Our loft beds ideal for college dorm rooms are being featured in the magazine. Did you know that you can get an extra high or extra long loft bed in twin, full and even queen sizes? Not only are they the best way to maximize space, but very budget friendly too.

This Becks Queen Size Loft Bed offers lots of sleeping space and wow – with a whopping 2000 pound weight capacity. It is 71″ high. Since it is a queen size its a super space saver allowing room for almost all essentials right under the loft: study, storage and chilling.

Check out our huge selection of extra long bunk beds for the college-bound dorm life.


We are looking for tips from our readers on decorating dorm rooms – a first home away from home.

Where’s Mom when you need her?

Water bottles for teachersNo more teachers…..

For many families, it is already that time of year when school ends and summer vacation begins. Back here in Minnesota we still have a few weeks left. Actually, it is just as well since summer has not found us yet.

You know it is also that time of year for Teacher Appreciation Gifts.  The idea room has this simple, sweet, and inexpensive way to say thank you with water bottles plus shows you how you too can make them.


What teacher would not smile when receiving this bouquet of flowers in an adorable pencil vase. Happy Clippings has the 411 if you would like to make one.


Hats off to the grads with these chocolatey topped delicious looking cupcakes made by From Apples to Zucchini

Factoid: The average American household spends $55 on toilet paper annually.

Factoid: According to various studies, the average person spends 3 years on the toilet over the course of a lifetime!

Factoid: According to Charmin customers, the number of days a standard roll of bath tissue usually lasts in the most-used bathrooms in the house is five.

Factoid: The pentagon uses, on average, about 666 rolls of toilet paper every day.

Here’s the Poop: The Pros the cons from Good Housekeeping.

One-ply Cottonelle Aloe & E (56 cents per 260-sheet roll*)Designed to be gentle, this plush, strong one-ply tissue has a lotion-like coating, which some found soothing. We found it slower to dissolve than others. Not everyone likes a lotiony feel.

Scott 1000 (67 cents per 1,000-sheet roll*)Though one-ply, it delivers surprising strength when wet, yet dissolves quickly and easily. While it has thicker sheets than some two-plies, it’s less absorbent.

Two-Ply Charmin Ultra Soft (63 cents per 176-sheet roll*)Our consumer testers agreed with its name, rating this absorbent, strong two-ply among the test’s softest.It may not be your first choice if you have fussy plumbing: We found it didn’t break down as quickly as others.

Target Up & Up (52 cents per 286-sheet roll*) Target’s two-ply is super soft and very quick-dissolving, with good absorbency. If you prefer a plumper paper, look elsewhere; though two-ply, it’s thinner than most.

Seventh Generation (67 cents per 300-sheet roll*)This 100-percent-recycled two-ply tissue impressed us with how speedily it dissolved. It scored low marks from testers for softness and wasn’t the most absorbent.

Scott Naturals (70 cents per 440-sheet roll*)Made of 40 percent recycled fibers, this two-ply tissue dissolves well, and testers reported that it was soft. The sheets are on the thin side and aren’t all that strong, particularly when wet.

Three-Ply WhiteCloud Ultra (47 cents per 200-sheet roll*)Absorbent, strong, and fast-dissolving, it’s also a good value, costing 20 percent less than a comparable three-ply. It wasn’t as strong as others when wet, and earned just average softness scores.

Which is your favorite brand? Do you find one to be more economical than the others?


One more question: Which are you, over or under?

How to Save Money on Toilet PaperAccording to a Cottonelle Roll Poll:

72% hang toilet paper with the first sheet over the roll
28% prefer to hang the first sheet under the roll


Make your own PlayDough recipe.


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tbs of oil
  • 1/2 cup of  salt
  • 2 tbs of vanilla
  • food coloring

First thing is to mix all dry ingredients together in a medium pot. Add the oil and water into the dry mixture. Cook over medium heat, and be sure to stir constantly. Keep stirring until you get a consistency close to that of mashed potatoes. Remove from heat and add vanilla. If you want the playdough to be all one color, then you can add the food coloring now, and knead it into the dough until it is all a consistent color. However, this recipe makes a lot of playdough and I find it fun to create a few different colors. So if you like a little variety then divide the playdough into separate balls and work in the food coloring of your choice into each different ball. Get creative and have fun with it. You can even let the kids join in on the fun, so they not only have a blast with the finished playdough but they have fun making it too!


  • When adding food coloring it is definitely worth it to use some cheap disposable gloves so your hands do not get stained.
  • A little food coloring goes a long way! In fact a little trick is to dip a toothpick in the food coloring bottle and then puncture a hole in the playdough ball. You can repeat a few times throughout the ball until getting the desired color in it and then knead the color to consistency.
  • Store the playdough in a Ziploc baggy or a covered container and it should keep for a couple weeks. If you start to see a little sweat build up in the baggy or the container just add a little flour.