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Another rainy day – kids a little bored?  Not a problem when you add with this great rainy day idea from Alphamom. She has instructions for this is a super simple sandpaper printing technique that will keep your kids busy while making a cool shirt!

She even buys all of the supplies at the Dollar Store for only $2.00.


Good quality crayons, a t-shirt, iron, and fine sand paper. The more coarse sandpaper will provide more texture. Get the 411 from Alphamom.







Can’t bring back the sunshine but there are rainbows waiting for you.


And BIG Smiles.

Sunday Cans

“Can” you imagine a Sunday filled with fun and exciting ideas for the entire family to do together?

Visit KugAlls for inspiration on making these Sunday cans full of great ideas and activities.


Lorraine used Popsicle sticks and then Mod Podged the printed ideas on to them. For a complete tutorial with downloadable printable ideas hop on over to her blog.

Tin Can Telephone

Hello?… Anybody recall the tin can phone? Can you remember how they were made? They could make a comeback with instructions from

Can Cakes

“Can”t let the can ideas go without remembering can cakes. Oh Happy Day will teach you how easy it is to make these delightful little cakes from everyday tin cans.