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Elf on the Shelf girl

Do you Elf on the Shelf?

Only a few days left until those creative, fun loving little elves make their annual appearances everywhere.

If you don’t elf yet, think about bringing one into your home. You could quickly fill your own picture album full of their crazy shenanigans. Some folks find the presence of an elf in their home a beneficial behavior modification for their young ones.

Behind the Tradition:

This classic tradition began when Santa Claus wanted to keep better track of the naughty and nice list. His idea was to have scout elves sent to adoption centers to sleep until families read the story together, gave the elf an individual name and adopted the elf on the web. Families can grant any name they want, but the name is required in order for the Christmas magic to be bestowed upon the elf. It’s like welcoming a new member of the family!
Once the elf arrives at a family’s home, he or she watches to see who is being good and who is being bad. In order for the elf to do the job efficiently, he or she hides in different spots of the house each day! The elf then travels to the North Pole when the family is asleep to give a daily report to
Santa. These daily reports help keep the naughty and nice list as accurate as possible before each Christmas Eve.
It’s important to not touch your elf, or else the magic will be lost.

Please share photos of your elf’s crazy shenanigans on our Facebook page.

Tomorrow is the big day and there must be a kids table at every Thanksgiving dinner, it’s practically an American tradition. For me, growing up, it was most likely for the preservation of  fine china, crystal and family heirlooms from precocious little cousins.

Creating a decorate it yourself table for your little guests will make them feel special, and best of all, does not need to take much time or planning. Emulating this kids’ table idea from Country Living by simply using a roll of craft paper and some crayons or markers, you can easily become the favorite aunt or grandma. Not only will kiddos think that they have the best seat in the house, but this budget friendly cover, provides doodling entertainment before, during, and after the Thanksgiving dinner while waiting for pumpkin pie.


Life at the kids’ table begins here.

You’ll find a great selection of  at child size table and chairs at Totally Kids fun furniture.


Keep your kids’ table guests happily occupied with a few colorful sticks of clay; allowing the adults more time to enjoy their meals. (Yay!) Ask the budding artists to create pieces that can be auctioned off for a few coins after everyone has finished their meals.


After dinner have the adults hold an auction. Start the bidding on the new clay sculptures with a few pennies. The young artists can be encouraged to tell stories about their creations to increase the bids.


Pass this tray of clay and tools around and let the sculpting begin. What will they make? How long can it take? Could you make something that you are thankful for?


After dinner when the table covering has become over decorated, drop this Pairs in Pears game on the table for a fast, fun and requiring no pencil, paper, or gameboard challenge.

If you’re too young to remember Mom and the bangs thing, we all colored the Thanksgiving turkey, right?

There will be no crazy middle of night hours at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys. If you’re are a preferred customer you can get a  Door Buster of 25% OFF Anything and Everything online or in the store all day long on Black Friday.

Since there are not any party hearty shoppers on Team Totally, with plans of  venturing out for all night shopping, we would love to hear you tales. While you are visiting us tell us about your adventures of shopping when it is too early for the rest of to even think of getting out of bed. We will give you a FREE $5.00 Totally Kids Gift Card for educating us. (you may have to remind some of us)

Beyond big savings there will be hot cider and cookies waiting for you all day too.


Black Friday, black bunk beds!


How far would you have to go to walk off a typical Thanksgiving meal? Try 23.75 miles, or 47,500 steps. For a repeat performance with leftovers the day after Thanksgiving, does that mean we need to walk over 47 miles?


Black Friday, black captain’s beds.


Black Friday, black loft beds.

The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days, with leftovers, ours does too.


Black Friday, black lab puppet.

According to 63 percent of pet owners travel at least 50 miles with their pets over the holidays. The Travel Industry Association of America says 78 percent of the pets taken on vacation are dogs.

Turkey Day leftovers for you dog.

Looking for a new way to get rid of the Thanksgiving leftovers? Make them into a special, healthy meal for your dog! We found this recipe from, featuring turkey, cranberries and sweet potatoes. Woof it on down!



Black Friday, black 1950’s pay phone.

Turkey Hotline.

Sorry, the hotline is not for turkey leftovers, but you will find good ones at

The turkey hotline has been a butterball feature for nearly 30 years, with calls jumping from 11,000 the first year Butterball turkey launched a 24-hour hotline this year with experts on hand to answer any last-minute turkey questions or calm a cook down after a disaster. The phone is 1-800-butterball (1-800-288-8372). Experts can handle questions in english and Spanish and will take calls until Dec. 25th with more than 50 professionally-trained turkey experts can answer questions.


Yesterday was the coldest Thanksgiving Day since 1985, when the high was a whopping 11 degrees F.