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Watch Super Bowl LIII in a comfy football bean bag chair and you’ll be the first winner. There are many other sizes and colors for everyone – even for non-sports fans. Comfy adult sizes too! Visit us online – we’re open 24/7. Worldwide shipping available.

Yesterday, our marketing coordinator, Desirae,  invited Minnesota Vikings Defensive End #61 Cedric McKinley into the store to meet us.

He was kind enough to honor our request of autographing a Vikings Tackle Buddy.

Look,  there it is, his autograph! Thanks Desirae. Thanks Cedric!

Now he’s off to Tennessee to take down the Titans tonight. Go Vikes! Go Cedric our favorite Viking!

For young fans, our Tackle Buddies will pop right back up sack after sack ready for more action and more fun.

Tonight’s the Night that we will be watching the first preseason game.

If I had the patience I would make these fabulous looking chocolate covered football strawberries for the game.

NFL lockout over and it’s a touchdown bunk bed and good omen…right Desirae?

Hut, hut, hike…you’ll be the M,V.P. when you tuck your little football fan
into our Touchdown bunks. Bonus underbed storage drawers! They separate
into two twin size beds. A straight ladder, 2 guardrails, underbed drawers
and slat rolls are included.

This is a photo from of the University of Minnesnowda’s TCF Bank Stadium. Look closely at that photo, see all of that white stuff? Believe it or not  there are actually folks who relish the opportunity to sit in this stadium next Monday night for a Vikings Bears game in 7 degrees Fahrenheit or 13.888889 degrees Celsius weather.

The first outdoor home game for the Vikings in 29 years and miraculously waiting on the bench, benched, is a quarterback with more frozen tundra experience than any other that I can think of. That tundra surely looks frozen does it not? BTW – Yay, there should be more snow to snow during the game. So BYOS….(bring your own shovel)

Tick Tock, Can They Beat The Clock? There is a game Monday night and somehow that picture needs to be transformed to game ready? A stadium filled with snow 20 inches deep in spots plus an additional 3 to 5 inches of snow possible by tomorrow night. Now, who wants to help shovel more snow Annette? Seriously, they are going to be looking for volunteers! Can you believe it, volunteers? And then, after all that back breaking shoveling – game time – and no beer?

Tick tock you can build an educational clock, a project for the entire family.



After the frozen tundra and frozen tush, come home where you’ll be snug and cozy in your own football bed


Any eligible receivers on your team? Pass them a football bean bag.


The Decorated Cookie has a super easy to make with kids, nothing to cook snowman marshmallow peeking out of the jar gift ideal for friends, family, neighbors, teachers, or the postman–hot cocoa in a jar. Cute, cute, cute!

After 17 inches of snow accumulated from yesterday’s blizzard, the Metrodome’s inflatable roof apparently could not bare the weight. (or could there have been a sharp object?) It ripped open and collapsed early this morning forcing the NFL to shift the GiantsVikings game to Detroit’s Ford Field on Monday night. Thankfully the roof failure occurred early in the morning and not during a game.

Good News: Sun County Airlines, our local airline has added charter flights to Detroit tomorrow for die hard football fans. So let’s call it Pat Down for a Touchdown.


Time will tell whether or not Favre makes it on the field tomorrow night. It is hard to believe that an extra 30 hours will do the trick in healing his sprained sternoclavicular joint allowing him to play his 298th consecutive game.

If all of this increases your frustration level, the 40 inch high Viking’s Tackle Buddy bop bag is the perfect stress reliever not sold in a bottle. Sort of like Favre, you can’t keep him down. Sack after sack and Tackle Buddy is right back up ready for more. (unless meeting up with a sharp object – a Metrodome roof experience could occur)


Our child size NFL recliners complete with built in cup holders are sure to score points and smiles for your little one.


<~~~ NY GIANTS Recliner. Now you may ask, “Why is this recliner larger?” It is a GIANTS! (the dimensions are actually the same for both chairs)


Oh, No, Tiffinay Yang’s Snowmen are melting!

Minnesota made snowmen will not be melting anytime soon, but try making these melting Snowmen for edible entertainment.

Are there any fans left after yesterday’s Minnesota Vikings game? This tackle buddy punching bag offers the perfect outlet for disappointed deserters.

No yellow flags, hands down this is one of the most popular toys in our store. He has an irresistible “tackle me” presence for all that walk past. If he doesn’t get tackled, there is always a good punch in the face which you may want to give him now more than ever.



Disillusioned little fans can sit back and relax while waiting for better season next year in their Minnesota Vikings recliner.


Serve up some pretend pizza, before, during or after the game. You could even pretend that the Vikings had a better season.




Check out all of the pretend kitchen choices available for heating up pizza, baking cupcakes or Christmas cookies before Santa arrives.

First time for cooking a turkey, here are some good real, not pretend turkey cooking tips? Remember to follow these turkey thawing tips from Butterball. Or try this real  tried and true Thanksgiving sweet potato topped with marshmallows recipe?

Devon’s Dogs

You may recall from previous posts,  that our Devon, aka Mrs. B., is a dedicated purple jersey wearing, rather superstitious Vikings fan. (she believes that she possesses some magic powers – or that her dogs do) We will not talk about the Jets game, it is over and done with. From this photo, it looks like her dogs also share a thing for football. Well, maybe they don’t always share that football, but like the game.

Wags and Tales Bio:

Hi! My name is Brandi, and this is my fur brother Brutus. (You can tell which one I am; I’m wearing the pink collar.) We love to take walks, play fetch and snuggle. I lived at my house all alone, until my humans adopted Brutus from the MN Boxer Rescue. I don’t know what I did without him! He has taught me how to snuggle and play like a good dog. I have taught him how to chew on things we are not supposed to! It’s a win win situation for me. We also have some creatures that live with us called “cats.” I have taught Brutus how not to eat them, and he has taught me how to chase them, but again, we do not eat them, that is not allowed.  Sometimes it gets really crazy at our house! But we love to love our humans.  It is our most favorite thing to do! We snuggle up and go to sleep as soon as they sit down on the couch. Well, my human is telling me its time to go on a walk, (another one of my favorite things to do), but I am sure you will hear from me again! Bye!!!!

If you have a special pooch and would like to share any tales, we would be pleased to post it here on Wednesday’s Wags and Tales. Send photos and stories to

SAVE THE DATE: Calling All Dogs! Bring your people to the Wag-O-Ween Party Saturday, October 23 from 11AM to 4PM. There will be hot cider, games, prizes, dog biscuits, free furry fotos and fun times.

Totally Kids | 7876 Portland Avenue South | Bloomington | MN | one mile from the Mall of America | 952-881-2425


October 1st is Vegetarian Awareness Day and it continues all month.

Scare up some Vegetarian Halloween Food.

Monster Food –  Eyeball Caprese for brave of appetite.

Photo Credit: whitneymoss  for this edible Bony Maroney Skeleton. No meat on the bones here. Visually dissect the skeleton for a list of ingredients. Hint: hummus face.

Stuffed Roaches anyone?

Puking pumpkin…… What can I say?

If you’ve just gotta have your meat, disguise it in a Mummy Meatloaf and we won’t tell. Mum’s the word.

This is a little bit more advanced project, but Wow,  how fun would this be to surprise someone with the smashed wicked witches legs sticking out from under the bed?  Diary of a Crafty Lady will show you how.

Our work day ends as  Twins fan Devon throws on her jersey and heads off to the new stadium.  Lisa chooses to cross the  Mississippi  River to St. Paul for a Wild’s game.

Devon now reports on how she helped the Vikings win “we got out our Vikings blanket, and wore different outfits, and I painted my nails purple, which worked last year.” Do you know of others with these powers?


What do you get when you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter? Pumpkin pi.