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We’re not crackn’ any eggs this weekend, saving that task, but with Easter just a week away, there are some other special projects on our list.

First off this Egg Shaped Lantern from the Chocolate Muffin Tree looks ideal brightening up a gloomy gray Minnesota Saturday.


Kick off an Easter candy high or if you have will power of steel, how about making pizza with left over candy? Left over candy, what’s that? French Knots has this sweet Easter Candy Pizza recipe for you.


For us, egg coloring will be next weekend when we really get crackn’.

This eco-eggs coloring kit is made from natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts. It includes three natural dyes (orange, blue and purple), a color chart for creating 6 colors and instructions for coloring eggs. Packaged with creature cutouts for the cutest and healthiest Easter Eggs ever!

How do you like your eggs? Aren’t these cute? And so appetizing at the same time! Peep peep….

Our sales manager, Devon, just returned from a Puerto Rico beach holiday with her family. Welcome back Devon!

Hopefully before leaving they all played this Spanish Bingo game that promotes vocabulary enrichment and hones perceptual skills. The themes are: nature, vehicles, market, animals, clothing, and colors. Comes with a cloth bag for holding the tiles.

A pronunciation key is also included. Earth friendly too – made from 90% recycled materials.


We are still buried under snow here in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, but with slightly warmer weather today of 40 degrees Fahrenheit plus Daylight Saving Time, there is a hope that Spring will make herself known soon.

The past two years Devon enjoyed great success with her Butterfly Garden endeavors. The photo above is of one of her ladies from last year. There are other photos of the process that we will post in a week or so. Our guests young and old always enjoy watching the garden.

Other team members have a special way with creatures too. Shauna rescues mice that  sneak into the office. (actually it was one stray mouse) Angela set a colony of ants free last year after they had devoured their gel habitat. Betsy will post once again how she chooses to  live with worms in her kitchen. Annie is keeper of the Goldfish in toilet.  Yup, you read that right, we have Goldfish in the guest restroom toilet and somebody has to love and care for them.


The term UpCycle is generally a reinvestment in the environment. In the simplest terms, UpCycling is the practice of taking something that is throwaway and repurposing it into something of greater utilization and intrinsic worth, in its second life.

White Dandelion Works introduced me to what yesterday’s sweater can become. Just look at the soft cashmere hats that are still a necessary wardrobe item here in Minnesota.

Happy  Birthday (day before) yesterday)  Dr. Seuss! White Dandelion Work’s soft hot pink and light pink striped elfin baby hat by was inspired by Dr. Seuss. Made from an upcycled felted sweater it is eco friendly. Cute, cute and it stands up on its own like a pixie’s.

Loneweever UpCycles sweaters into “re-originals” like this pin cushion or brooch cushion.


Heather from Dollar Store Crafts felts sweaters to create stunning mittens. She has a picture tutorial so you too can give it a try.



Put your arms around this idea. The Green Kitchen knows how to turn sweater sleeves into little pants and has a step by step DIY.






Unravel a couple of your no longer favorite sweaters and send the yarn off with dimensions to Biscuit Scout and get a Fisherman style sweater custom knit for your chair.



Right now, can you even imagine purchasing a can or two of instant snow?

But, think of this: For some of us it would be like winning the lottery or having a cash cow if we could sell off some of our snow supply, right Minneapolis/St.Paul?



Build  Your Own Frosty The Snowman.

  • Small powdered doughnut
  • Powdered doughnut hole
  • Decorators’ gel
  • Pretzel or potato stick
  • Haviland Thin Mint
  • Reese’s peanut butter cup miniature
  1. Set a powdered doughnut hole atop a mini powdered doughnut. (For a taller version, use a pretzel stick or a potato stick to secure a second doughnut hole atop the first.)
  2. Use decorators’ gel to add a face, buttons, and a carrot nose. (If the gel won’t stick, try smoothing the powder with a dab of water first.)
  3. To add a top hat to a shorter snowman, stick a small piece of a pretzel or potato stick through a Thin Mint and into a Reese’s peanut butter cup miniature, then secure the hat in place on the snowman.

Family Fun has many other ideas for you too.

Before you leave,  have you ever seen the Minnesota Blizzard People from the last record dump?

Mother Nature or Photoshop? We will see if  by tomorrow if is this deep.

and more noodles. I think of our Shauna’s daughter every time we are out searching for something to eat. How China would be mealtime dreamland for ramen lovin Destiny. Not sure that she would like what is added and floats to the top.

We could stop complaining about noodles for every meal and just order up a dish of plain chicken feet – no noodles.


Oh, that reminds me – we have oodles of noodles back in America at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys.

Brain Noodles are like pipe cleaners on steroids. You can use your noodle to bend, twist, and create anything you can imagine! Craft fun for kids of all ages; birthday gifts, quiet play time, party favors, learning tools, brainstorming, ice breakers for parties, centerpieces, stress toys, luggage id, fundraisers, and more! The list goes on and on…With all the possibilities, Brain Noodles™ can be used again and again in unlimited ways.

Recycle a toilet paper tube with a couple of noodles to make a Luv Bug for your Valentine.

This clever candy sushi looks fabulous. Mommy Knows and will show you how to make it for your family.

Are there supposed to be worms in sushi?

Doth your playroom runneth over?

You are not alone if you find yourself suffering the post holiday buried in toys syndrome.

Take advantage of this time to do some  decluttering and organizing of  your kiddos toys.

Make room for the newly acquired toys by playing a game of lining up and counting all of the new toys. Next have your child match each new toy up with one that is no longer being played with.  An excellent opportunity for teaching your children a lesson in sharing exists here. Explain how happy some other children will be to receive the toys and how they will be new toys for the other children to play with.

If resistance is encountered,  ask your child to think about the last time a particular toy was played with, and if it’s been over six months, “wouldn’t it be nice to let another child play with it?”

There are charities all across the country that collect toys for various organizations. Almost everyday Totally Kids fun furniture and toys receives new and gently used toys donated for Twin Cities families affected by Autism. If you are in the Minneapolis St. Paul area please drop off any toys that you can spare.

We would like to express gratitude to all of those who have so generously donated toys over the last few years. Thank you!

Totally Kids fun furniture & toys

7876 Portland Avenue South Minneapolis, MN  55420 952-881-2425

Just what is a Sugar Plum you may ask?

Those famous sugar plums that fill children’s dreams at Christmas were originally sugar coated coriander, a treat that offered a sweet start and then a spicy burst of flavor.


In Victorian times a recipe for Sugar Plums included small bits of fruit and nuts that became the confection we know today. Sugar Plums are any combination of dried prunes, dried figs, dried apricots or dried dates finely chopped and combined with chopped nuts such as almonds, honey, and aromatic spices, of anise seed, fennel seed, caraway seeds, or cardamom, then the mixture is rolled into balls, often coated with sugar or shredded coconut.


Learn how to make the Sugar Plums pictured above by the English Kitchen, step by step in pictures. When finished they are placed in festive paper cups, a ready treat for unexpected guests. Nibble on one as you play Tchaikovsky’s Nut Cracker and let it bring out the Sugar Plum Fairy in you and pirouette around the house.

My friend, Corryl, has a version of this recipe her mother makes incorporating Rice Krispies and dates, and they are the bomb. Gotta get that recipe again, plus Devon’s MIL’s toffee cookie recipe – which are both dancing in my head!


The children were nestled all snug in their beds. Well, little Clara here is almost nestled. Will she slumber with her tiara placed on her head?

Totally Kids had the honor of providing Clara’s bed and props for the Royal Russian Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”.

Many other theme beds are available too. Call one of our interior designers to help turn your bedroom dreams into reality.


Be gone Mouse King and boring bedrooms. Any young Nutcracker Prince would surely enjoy our regal castle bed. This bed comes in other finishes and is part of the as you grow systems which will grow with your child from first big bed to college loft.


Make Your Very Own Nutcracker Snow Globe.

Or how to recycle the holiday globe Coke bottles….

Ziggity Zong shares the how to secret.

Trick or Treat! The Halloween season comes to a close after a month of many fun festivities, Wag-O-Ween, Hallo-Green, National Costume Swap Day Party and many contests. The costume recycling was a great sucess with a huge load of Halloween costumes was delivered to St. Joseph’s Home for Children, thank you to everyone for your generous donations.  Now we face lots of un-decorating, bats, birds, ghosts, spooky things all need to come down this week. There are cobwebs everywhere.

Kate, Stephanie and Annette, three of Totally Kids weekend team pose in their Halloween attire.

This pooch decked out as a witch, stops by to take a test drive on her way back for a photo session with the Wag-O-Ween photographer, Josh P. Roberts.

Josh and Osa sporting a Twins jersey join Stephanie for Wag-O-Ween. Woof!

These pretty little Peacocks won everyone’s vote for Best in Show for costumes, and    their is a talented mother behind them. No, not hiding behind them, she made the costumes.


Gourmet Mom on the Go will show you how to treat your family to these ghostly ghostly pancakes. Take a good look at them and don’t you agree, Halloweens a Scream?

We took the message to the world this morning, or the world that is actually awake and watching NBC television before 6A.M. For those of you who have been following this blog, know all to well that we have a passion for Green, so it just made sense to make Halloween less orange and much more GREEN.

On September 23,  Hallow-Green was our big kick off that super intern Jenna put together. The initial message was of course teaching our children the importance of environmental consciousness with a fun Halloween Costume Exchange. Our team was blown away when folks did not just exchange a Halloween costume, but donated them. There is now a rack loaded with cute, cute costumes for infant to size 6 or 7 – ready and waiting for you to come in a swap for a “new to you” costume.

There is a HUGE National Costume Swap Day Party at Totally Kids this Saturday, October 9th from 11AM – 4PM. including  Storytime with Stephanie, contests, prizes, treats, hot cider, fun and games. Enter the Give-Away drawing for a FREE “green” (kid powered) no fuel needed kid size car. The costume swap will continue up until October 25 when the balance of Halloween costumes will be donated to families affected by Autism.

Keep the GREEN going!

Before you visit us, check under your beds and back of closets for any gently used toys that the kiddos are no longer playing with or need. The toys for Autism collection is a GREEN project that is ongoing year long.

All parents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area! Totally Kids
is accepting all toy donations to benefit the locally headquartered group “Parents United Against Autism”. We’ll take the donated gently used toys to local families in need. Aside from helping our friends and neighbors, this is an excellent opportunity to clear out your closets a little and keep those unused toys from ending up on a landfill for the next 100 years. Please bring whatever you can.


While at Kare11, again, so very too early in the morning,  I met kitchen scientist, Liz Heinecket, who had a rather remarkable way of inflating Halloween balloons. Her blog is The Kitchen Pantry Scientist where it appears that she is always stiring up lots of science fun.


Scare up Some Halloween Food – No, I did not say throw up.


Where is that broom? It was packed safely away last year, just like every other year, the day after Halloween. Gotta find it and get it dusted off a little earlier than usual this year for pre-dawn TV. Luckily, the witches hat currently tops the Halloween tree, ready and waiting, but the broom, where is the magic broom?

Well not quite prime time, but NBC Kare 11 will be helping us get the word out about National Costume Swap Day, very early in the morning on Friday. We would have preferred a be later be-witching hour for our witchiest spokeswitch than 5:00A.M. That is really, really early. It was suggested that the old bat stays up all night to be sure that she makes it to the Golden Valley studio on time – so very too early in the morning.

The recycling message is an important one to us. Green Halloween is a fun way of teaching our kids that they too can take a personal responsibility in helping save Mother Earth. Bring in a child size Halloween costume to swap and take home a “new to you” one. The Totally Kids National Costume Swap Day Party is from 11A.M. to 4P.M. on Saturday, October 9th.  Hop on your brooms and fly in for fun and games, prizes, hot cider and treats.


Saturday we will be sharing another fun recycling project with the kiddos – spooky sucker ghosts. Bring in your white plastic shopping bags that you are no longer using, since you now carry your groceries home in reusable cloth bags. Here are the steps for making the spooky sucker ghosts at home. They are easy enough to do with a pre-schooler.

Materials: Used white plastic shopping bag, sucker, ribbon and a black marker.

Step Two: Cover the sucker with the cut recycled.

Photo Credits: Lisa Wickman

Step Three: Boo – tie on a festive bow and you have a recycled spooky sucker ghost.


Make an Egg-stra Special Recycled Bat at home. All Free Crafts will show you how.


Rather than sharing a Halloween recipe as we usually do, here is a Green Halloween food tip: Eat your leftovers! There is over 29 million tons of food waste each year, enough to fill the Rose Bowl every three days and the rotting food in landfills contributes to global warming.


Ever thought about how much you could help the environment by using Earth Friendly All-In-One Bamboo Diapers?