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Salt dough ornaments are so very easy to make.  Here is a perfect clay recipe for creating little hand impression ornaments giving you head start on Christmas gifts. We like that it is non-toxic, made of food ingredients therefore safe for kids to play around with and squish, mush and squeeze the dough through their little fingers. It’s great for a quick economical, yet treasured gift for grandparents and other favorite relatives.  There may be a new tradition happening at your house too.

This clay recipe will harden when left out for a day or two and can then be painted and embellished if so desired. In humid climates it may take several days to dry out. The drying time will depend on the humidity and how large your ornament is. To speed up the drying process, you can put it in the oven at 90 degrees for 30 minutes, then shut off the oven for it to cure. Remember to leave it inside the oven with the door closed.  You could also dry it completely in the oven for several hours.

Salt Dough “Recipe for Fun”:

  • 1/2 cup of table salt
  • 3/4 cup of flour
  • 2 tablespoons of mineral oil
  • 2 teaspoons of cream of tartar
  • 1/2 cup water

Mix all  ingredients together and knead it with your hands. If it is too wet, add a pinch more flour and if it is too dry add a bit of water. For a seasonal scent, add a small amount of cinnamon to the dough mixture.

This recipe yields a good snowball size ball. It is the perfect size for one keepsake hand print ornament. Flatten the ball out and press your little one’s hand into it. Pierce a hole with a drinking straw toward the top of the ornament for a festive ribbon that you will tie through once it has properly dried.

Kellie from This Blessed Nest made these hand prints with her twins.

If you’re not quite ready for Christmas preparations, then, let’s talk turkey.

Turkey Toes if you dare! Tickle the fancy of your Thanksgiving guests with these turkey toes aka what to do with left over Halloween candy corn. This timely idea is provided by Laura Lee Lewis.

Gobble Gobble!

It’s Boxing Day for our friends to the north of us and on Tuesday for those across the pond.

We received this thoughtful note from a Canadian customer on Christmas Day:

Good morning and Merry Christmas!

I certainly hope no one is reading this email today but I hope someone reads it soon, because in it is glad tidings of joy from a very satisfied customer!

I am writing from Canada, where not only could I not find the bed I wanted, no company could even promise me a Christmas delivery for any bed they had on their websites. The only similar bed I found was from Sears Canada, who didn’t have the colour I wanted, and cost TWICE what I paid from you.

When I ordered the Jordan loft bed, I was not promised Christmas delivery either, but I was hopeful that it would arrive at least in time for New Year’s. I was also worried about customs and duty at the border, but Shawna assured me that no customer had ever called back from Canada to complain about the duty.

You can’t imagine my joy when the bed arrived “sain et sauf” (safe and sound) on December 17th!

But it gets better.

Imagine my joy when I saw the boxes and realized that it was the Pulaski made Build-a-Bear bed from the Sears website and I realized that I had saved OVER 2500 dollars!!!

So, now I know why you ship beds to Canada every day.

Thanks again, great customer service from everyone I spoke to at all levels (I did have to import it and fill out a bunch of forms and deal with a customs broker), and even the delivery guy was most helpful when I asked him to indicate on the freight bill that most of the boxes were indeed damaged (I have not opened all the boxes yet so I don’t know if they are damaged, but I did a quick check and I don’t think they are).

So well done, thank you, and I’ll be back 🙂

Louise M Pothier



Boxing Day is a holiday in the United Kingdom and many countries (including Canada) that were once part of the British Empire. The origin of this holiday’s name is not clear. In feudal times in the United Kingdom, the lord of the manor would ‘pay’ people who worked on his land in the past year with boxes practical goods, such as agricultural tools, food and cloth. These were often distributed on the day after Christmas Day. More recently, employers traditionally gave their servants a gift of money or food in a small box on the day after Christmas Day. Some people in Canada still give gifts to people who provide them with services.

Other stories relate to servants being allowed to take a portion of the food left over from the Christmas celebrations in a box to their families and the distribution of alms from the church collection boxes to poor parishioners. These traditions evolved into the Christmas baskets that some employers distribute to their employees during the holiday season at the end of the year.


Totally Kids fun furniture and toys – for boxing day – Bozo Bop Bag.

Oliver, age 8 months is not too thrilled sitting on Santa’s lap.

Big brother Myles age 7 comforts his little brother Kyle age 2 as they sit in Santa’s big  green chair.

Any other pictures of sad faces with Santa, send them on over to

This Tuesday morning an extremely rare event occurred. The shortest day of the year known as the winter solstice in astronomical circles and a lunar eclipse both happened on the very same day. The last time it occurred was more than 400 years ago and will probably take that long again before it happens again. It was rare,  it was special… and here in Minneapolis a blizzard blocked the night skies. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Moon In My Room

Moon in My Room brings the beauty and wonder of this celestial body right into your child’s bedroom. This remote controlled, glow-in-the-dark “mini moon” is contoured and textured to feature an authentically detailed lunar moonscape. A built in light-sensor illuminates a room when it gets dark and shows 12 phases of the moon. The phases can be controlled manually or set to rotate on an automatic function to change every five second, so that kids can follow the moon in the sky with the moon in their room.


So, what fun things did you do on the longest night of the year? We had a jolly old time making Reindeer Root Beer for friends and neighbors.

All it takes is googly eyes, red pom pom attached with a hot glue gun and dark brown pipe cleaners to twist on top of the bottle. Then we enclose a message: with a message: We’re “rootn” that you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

We could not resist dressing the winter ale bottles for a party Wednesday night.



Candy Contest

The winner will be the person that guesses the exact or closest number of peppermint candy in the jar. Leave your guess on our Facebook page and we will announce the winner December 30st.  You will receive a $25.00 Totally Gift Card! Good Luck!

Reindeer Pause……

Chocolate lovers at your house will not pause long before going for these Reindeer created by Betty Crocker Wannabe. She has very clear cut how to instructions for you.


Reindeer need food and you can make this magic surprise.

It was a busy day for us making Magic Reindeer Food. We have it ready for all the good little girls and boys visiting Totally Kids before Christmas.

Sprinkle on the lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright.
As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam.
This will guide them to your home.

Eco-friendly Reindeer Food requires no cooking and only 2 ingredients.

Ingredients per bag:

1/4 cup uncooked oatmeal

2 T red or green sugar crystals (cookie decorating sprinkles)


Parents love stairway bunk beds so much you’d think the stairs went straight past the top bunk and all the  way to heaven. Not only do they save space like standard bunks, but the stairs provide additional safety and for top bunk sleepers plus…additional storage is tucked under the stairs.

Tucked into this stairway bed, listen closely for the Reindeer, then in the morning, go out side and see how the Reindeer enjoyed the Magic Reindeer Food.

If you find that you are racing around too much this time of year you are not alone. But, but, but…… It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Do you buy that, or are you really frantically buying a pile of presents?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, a time to spend with family and friends and a time to celebrate all that is good and wonderful in our lives.

After you make it to December 25, try to remember that Christmas was not meant to be packed into a day according to the song. There are  “Twelve Days of Christmas” which are December 24-January 6. If you can believe that, sing along with the song and enjoy those bonus days after Christmas when the worst of the stress will be less.


This nostalgic 50’s styled child size retro race track themed table and chair set features hand stitched vinyl upholstery on the chairs and brushed metal legs on the table and chairs.


Can You See The Light?

Watch the retro 1950’s race cars of this hand-painted lamp  go round and round the base when you flip on the light. Know that racing round and round feeling all to well?




Ramp Racer

It’s an exciting game of speed for one or two players! Choose the police car or the taxi, then individually release the starting levers and watch the wooden cars race through colorful cityscapes and down the five brightly-colored, wooden ramps. Who will win the race?




Slow down no need to move so fast as you drive your vehicles around on this rug. Along with its bright colors and fun details this 100% nylon machine made rug is durable and very easy to clean and is a non-skid rug for additional safety.




No, you can’t get away from the race quite yet. Feature edible race cars at your table a racy idea from Just Jen.





There’s always room for Jello and the Food Librarian wows us with Christmas Broken Glass Jello. How does she do that?



Just what is a Sugar Plum you may ask?

Those famous sugar plums that fill children’s dreams at Christmas were originally sugar coated coriander, a treat that offered a sweet start and then a spicy burst of flavor.


In Victorian times a recipe for Sugar Plums included small bits of fruit and nuts that became the confection we know today. Sugar Plums are any combination of dried prunes, dried figs, dried apricots or dried dates finely chopped and combined with chopped nuts such as almonds, honey, and aromatic spices, of anise seed, fennel seed, caraway seeds, or cardamom, then the mixture is rolled into balls, often coated with sugar or shredded coconut.


Learn how to make the Sugar Plums pictured above by the English Kitchen, step by step in pictures. When finished they are placed in festive paper cups, a ready treat for unexpected guests. Nibble on one as you play Tchaikovsky’s Nut Cracker and let it bring out the Sugar Plum Fairy in you and pirouette around the house.

My friend, Corryl, has a version of this recipe her mother makes incorporating Rice Krispies and dates, and they are the bomb. Gotta get that recipe again, plus Devon’s MIL’s toffee cookie recipe – which are both dancing in my head!


The children were nestled all snug in their beds. Well, little Clara here is almost nestled. Will she slumber with her tiara placed on her head?

Totally Kids had the honor of providing Clara’s bed and props for the Royal Russian Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”.

Many other theme beds are available too. Call one of our interior designers to help turn your bedroom dreams into reality.


Be gone Mouse King and boring bedrooms. Any young Nutcracker Prince would surely enjoy our regal castle bed. This bed comes in other finishes and is part of the as you grow systems which will grow with your child from first big bed to college loft.


Make Your Very Own Nutcracker Snow Globe.

Or how to recycle the holiday globe Coke bottles….

Ziggity Zong shares the how to secret.

This is a photo from of the University of Minnesnowda’s TCF Bank Stadium. Look closely at that photo, see all of that white stuff? Believe it or not  there are actually folks who relish the opportunity to sit in this stadium next Monday night for a Vikings Bears game in 7 degrees Fahrenheit or 13.888889 degrees Celsius weather.

The first outdoor home game for the Vikings in 29 years and miraculously waiting on the bench, benched, is a quarterback with more frozen tundra experience than any other that I can think of. That tundra surely looks frozen does it not? BTW – Yay, there should be more snow to snow during the game. So BYOS….(bring your own shovel)

Tick Tock, Can They Beat The Clock? There is a game Monday night and somehow that picture needs to be transformed to game ready? A stadium filled with snow 20 inches deep in spots plus an additional 3 to 5 inches of snow possible by tomorrow night. Now, who wants to help shovel more snow Annette? Seriously, they are going to be looking for volunteers! Can you believe it, volunteers? And then, after all that back breaking shoveling – game time – and no beer?

Tick tock you can build an educational clock, a project for the entire family.



After the frozen tundra and frozen tush, come home where you’ll be snug and cozy in your own football bed


Any eligible receivers on your team? Pass them a football bean bag.


The Decorated Cookie has a super easy to make with kids, nothing to cook snowman marshmallow peeking out of the jar gift ideal for friends, family, neighbors, teachers, or the postman–hot cocoa in a jar. Cute, cute, cute!

Puzzled, where should we begin.  Why did they wait until 10 o’clock at night for the announcement? Minneapolis and St. Paul are you ready for a second day of no school? Schools are closed due to continued safety concerns for students waiting outside in extreme cold for buses that may run late and trying to get to school over large piles of snow in the street, as well as school bus travel problems across the city.

The Totally Kids fun furniture & toys parking lot is all dug out. We invite all of you to stop in for hot piced cider and cookies. There is a wonderful hands on test and play toy area for the kiddos while you catch up on shopping. There are personal shoppers ready to help you find perfect gifts. Remember the FREE gift wrapping!  Then drive up to the front door and Nick will carry your packages out to your car for you!


Earth: Assembly Required
Take your geography lesson for a spin with the amazing three-dimensional puzzle globe!
Curved puzzle pieces allow for an exact fit and are easily assembled together to form a solid, smooth globe. When assembled, this puzzle will not just be fun to put together but useful for  years to come – with no glue required!


Chunky Dinosaur Puzzle

This extra thick wooden puzzle includes seven easy-grasp, chunky
dinosaur pieces with a full-color, matching picture underneath. The dino pieces stand upright for pretend play. Encourages hand-eye, fine motor and creative expression skills.


Just can’t let another sub zero day pass without asking everyone to please help warm homeless feet this winter. There are 9,654 homeless children, youths and adults in Minnesota who could  use a new pair of socks. PLEASE HELP!  Please bring a new pair or several pairs of new socks to Totally Kids fun furniture & toys. A pair of new socks = 30% OFF any toys until December 23! If you so choose, tooth brushes, tooth paste or small new toys could be stuffed in the socks too.


Martha Stewart makes Coconut Frosty the Snowman…

Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Look at Frosty go.
Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Over the hills of snow.

Hurry and have some fun before he really melts away.


Guess How Many Peppermint Candy Contest

The winner will be the person that guesses the exact or closest number of peppermint candy in the jar. Leave your guess on our Facebook page and we will announce the winner December 30st.  You will receive a $25.00 Totally Gift Card! Good Luck!

After 17 inches of snow accumulated from yesterday’s blizzard, the Metrodome’s inflatable roof apparently could not bare the weight. (or could there have been a sharp object?) It ripped open and collapsed early this morning forcing the NFL to shift the GiantsVikings game to Detroit’s Ford Field on Monday night. Thankfully the roof failure occurred early in the morning and not during a game.

Good News: Sun County Airlines, our local airline has added charter flights to Detroit tomorrow for die hard football fans. So let’s call it Pat Down for a Touchdown.


Time will tell whether or not Favre makes it on the field tomorrow night. It is hard to believe that an extra 30 hours will do the trick in healing his sprained sternoclavicular joint allowing him to play his 298th consecutive game.

If all of this increases your frustration level, the 40 inch high Viking’s Tackle Buddy bop bag is the perfect stress reliever not sold in a bottle. Sort of like Favre, you can’t keep him down. Sack after sack and Tackle Buddy is right back up ready for more. (unless meeting up with a sharp object – a Metrodome roof experience could occur)


Our child size NFL recliners complete with built in cup holders are sure to score points and smiles for your little one.


<~~~ NY GIANTS Recliner. Now you may ask, “Why is this recliner larger?” It is a GIANTS! (the dimensions are actually the same for both chairs)


Oh, No, Tiffinay Yang’s Snowmen are melting!

Minnesota made snowmen will not be melting anytime soon, but try making these melting Snowmen for edible entertainment.