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A beautiful crisp sunny day in Minneapolis and the fun and games continue. Last night some vandals had their own style of fun and games. Remember the pumpkins punctuating the purple planters? Shauna arrived this morning to find those pumpkins smashed all over the parking lot. Stephanie, bless her heart, somehow managed to pick up the pumpkin pieces and rearranged them back in the purple planters, almost as good as new. They now look like slightly leaning backward pumpkins sitting the the purple planters. Nicely salvaged, but we will see how long they survive.

First off today, we will start giving away tickets to the Zuhrah Shrine Circus and will continue for the rest of the week. When you stop by the store just tell us if you would like a ticket.

Things do slow down on Sunday afternoons here at Totally Kids when the Vikings are playing. Lisa, our customer care manager never misses going to a home game. Devon must have worn her winning jersey, sat in her favorite chair, or was it something to do with how her two Boxers behave that is crucial for the Vikes to win? This week they won, thanks Devon and dogs.

Daddy’s a Packers fan and we know Mommy’s a Vikings fan, just look at her face.  Who   is Baby O rooting for, Seahawks? Come on Betsy, let’s get him 0n board. Good job with the Vikings garb. Skol Vikings!

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