Doo doo you really want a baby doll that poos?

While I’m not sure that I was ready for this one, they doo doo seem to be all the rage.

There were the days when advertisements between Saturday morning cartoon shows enticed us with the latest and greatest new toys, the ones that we just had to have.

Anyone remember those mornings filled with animation, ads for toys and breakfast cereals of extra high sugar content?   Trix is for kids!

It was not a Saturday morning, but rather a late evening on Twitter when Tara Gerner-Ziegmont introduced me to this “functional” doll named Whoopsie Doo. This time it was a toy doll that I did not want to have.

The Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo is an adorable, life-like doll that cries and kicks when she needs a change and wiggles and coos when she’s happy. The doll’s life-like sounds even give your child fair warning of whether she’ll need to get a diaper or a bottle ready for her new baby. Feed her or give her a bottle, and then get ready to change her messy diaper! Designed for children ages three and up, Whoopsie Doo is a fun, interactive baby that will keep your child happily engaged.

Best of all there could be piles of soiled diapers, oh joy!

Along with Number One, Number Two Dolls and the Breast Feeding Doll, Whoopsie Doo is not available at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys.