The word teenager was created sometime in the 1950’s.

Before Modernism Week in Palm Springs comes to a close, and we are on to other ideas, let’s call today back to the future day decorating teen rooms

This 1954  bedroom was described as a boys’ room, but coral? A wooden mat is used for the vertical striped wall treatment used to protect the walls. Clever. But from what? Bolsters were commonly found atop tailored bedspreads.

Picture Source: Better Homes & Gardens


With Mid-Century spirit, you can have this functional corner bed for your home.

Express yourself with color and personalize your room with the Arielle collection. Offered in a clean eggshell white finish, Arielle features removable color accent panels on case fronts and beds. Four color options for a total of eight color choices are stored inside the drawer fronts. Simply remove the knob and you can slide the panels in and out to create an array of color schemes. Mix and match the colors of midnight, snowflake, limelight, blue ice, cocoa, lavender blush, sea breeze and bubblegum.


Commonly known with the slogan “It’s little…It’s lovely…It lights” the Princess Phone and you can have one.


What did a teenager’s bedroom look like in the 1950’s and 1960’s?

Yahoo answers posts memories some folks shared of their bedrooms, such as:

I had a double bed with a hand-me-down yellow chenille bedspread. The furniture was blond wood that was the popular thing in the late 40’s, but traditional matching bed, dresser, & vanity with velvety bench with rose fabric. As a reward for cleaning my room, Mother bought be see-through yellow curtains to match. Then I had a bookshelf I made with Mother’s help, plus dachshund bookends, & all sorts of collectibles, like yellow poodle on chains, for the vanity. I also had a great washable pastel blue large chenille throw rug over hardwood floors. There was also corkwood above the knotty pine walls so I could put up stars’ pics & such. Oh, yeah, & I had a quilt my grandmother made, plus the stuffed animals she made, & a whole collection of dolls from childhood.


1950’s Slang To Go Along With The Decor: Okay, let’s do this!from: Rockn Teen Parties

  • Going Ape – to explode or be really mad
  • Are you writing a book? – You’re asking too many questions
  • Bad news – Depressing person
  • Blast _ A good time
  • Boss – Great
  • Square – A regular, normal person
  • Nerd – Bill Gates without the money
  • No sweat – No problem
  • Passion Pit – Drive-in movie theater
  • What’s buzzin, cuzzin – What’s new?
  • Wail – Go fast
  • Tank – A large sedan – usually driven by parents or older people
  • Threads – Clothes
  • Unreal – unbelievable
  • Wazoo – Your rear end
  • Cookin’ – Doing it well
  • Spaz Someone who is uncoordinated, or a clutz
  • Submarine races – While waiting for the submarines to race, couples found creative ways of killing the time, hubba, hubba!
  • Royal shaft – Badly or unfairly treated
  • Righto – Okay
  • Tear ass – Drive very fast
  • Radioactive – Very popular
  • Pound – Beat up
  • Cloud 9 – Really happy
  • Cat – A hip person
  • Bread – Money
  • Cool it – Relax, settle down
  • Bash – Great party
  • Bobbed – Shortened (as in haircut)
  • Greaser A guy with tons of grease in his hair, Later this came to describe an entire group of people (think Fonzie)
  • Cranked – Excited
  • Crazy “Like crazy,man” Implies an especially good thing
  • Dig – To understand and approve
  • Fat City – Happy
  • Flick – A movie
  • Hang – As in “hang out” which means not doing much
  • Heat – The Police
  • Hip – Someone who is cool
  • later, gator – Goodbye
  • Like crazy – Really good
  • Make out – A kissing session