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London Bus        Little Ben

While in England on a trends tour we found these icons, Big Ben wall decor and the Double Decker Bus Bunk  Beds. We are constantly searching for unique beds and accessories for kids. Here are just a few of our British discoveries. Currently the beds are not available for sale in the United States, but we are working on changing that.


Caravan Bed


Beefeater wall decor ready to guard your bedroom.

Camper Van

Set up for sleep and dreams of the surf.


Scallywags Loft Bed


Black BMW Bed – We enjoyed driving a-“round” in a sporty Vauxhall while remembering to drive on the left and learning to embrace roundabouts.

Map of London

Beginning  with a good map rather than driving around in circles (roundabouts) would have been wise. This one however is made to hang on your wall

Stella Loft at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Every school year parents and students dutifully trudge through the malls in search of the perfect sneaker or the cool new outfit for the coming school year.  However, it’s unlikely that the new shoe or shirt will benefit them as much as a new design in the bedroom.  That’s because a bedroom makeover will create new interest and energy – what feng shui calls “chi” – in the bedroom that will benefit a child.

According to feng shui, the Chinese technique for design and arrangement, rooms that have good energy, or “chi”, create happier, well-adjusted children.  Feng shui theories suggest that for a child’s room to have good “chi,” the room must follow certain guidelines such as that they must be restful, promote good relationships others and generate good self-esteem.  Perhaps most importantly, harmonious children’s bedrooms encourage good study habits and promote greater success in school.

What does it take to promote greater success in school?  According to feng shui, the following seven tips are key to creating rooms that inspire kids to study.

1. The room must have a desk.

It sounds obvious, but many kids’ only workspace is either a bed, the bedroom floor, or the family dining table.  Every child needs a suitable study area in the bedroom that includes a desk, chair, and a lamp.  Children with study areas are more likely to study.  Better still, having a study area keeps all the school books and papers confined to the child’s room.  Feng shui also believes it’s best for children to study facing the northeast, the direction of wisdom and learning.

2.  Ground your kids.

Buy your kids a globe to promote interest in geography and to help “ground” them and encourage them to study.  Add a globe in the Northeast corner of the bedroom, if possible.

3.  Create an achievement corner.

Every child needs to have recognition for a job well done.  A perfect way to gain this is to create an achievement corner on the South wall of the bedroom.  According to feng shui, this is the recognition area and is a good place to pin up awards, papers with good grades, letters of recommendation, ribbons or trophies.

4.  Hang a crystal in the Northeast corner of the room.

Crystals are used to make computer chips faster.  Hang a crystal in the study location to create more “study” chi and to help sharpen the child’s ability to “process” or think!

5.  Put your child in the command position.

Avoid having children face a wall when studying because this represents an obstacle.  They should be able to see the door when someone enters.

6.  Display maps and other educational artwork.

Maps are another way to ground educational pursuits.  They encourage “worldly” interest and curiosity and they make suitable images for a child’s room. Avoid scary creatures, pictures depicting violence, or sad or dark subjects.

7.  Eliminate TV from the bedroom.

Sadly many of today’s children have TVs in their bedrooms.  This is a feng shui no-no because it can make children much less likely to study and rest fully.  If your child doesn’t study as much as you would like and has a TV in the bedroom, ask yourself what is more important:  television or school?

8.  Shells and fish are symbols of education.

Conch shells and koi or goldfish are excellent symbols of educational success.  Place the conch shell in the Northeast corner of the bedroom.  Or, hang a picture of koi or goldfish in the Northeast corner.  It is not recommended to keep live fish in the bedroom as water in the bedroom is associated with loss.

9.  Make a space for books and school materials.

When kids come home from school they should have a place to put their backpacks and books.  There should also be a place for them to hang coats and hats and take off shoes.  If your kids put their books on the stairs this is especially important because anyone using the stairs will be stepping over the books.  This symbollically puts education “under your feet.”  Make sure books are not put on the stairs but have a regular “home” when the kids come in the door.

10.  Activate the wisdom direction.

The Northeast sector should be activated appropriately with a globe, a lamp, and/or a quartz crystal or geode.  Other objects would include anything made of porcelain or earth, such as a vase.  A rock collection is another excellent way to energize this sector.

11.  Careful about what you place under the stairs.

If you have stairs in your home, you will want to make sure there is nothing there that can be harmful to your family.  In particular, water located under stairs poses a threat to children in the home — and to their education.  If the space under your stairs is open, try to close it up.  If you can’t, then place a heavy object such as a statue here.  If there is a closet located here, make sure it is filled with family possessions, such as holiday decorations, suitcases, or other household items.  Avoid placing books in here, however, as this can cause studies to falter.

Thank you so much Kathryn for these helpful tips for school success!

Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in authentic Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information and to receive her FREE  E-book “Easy Money – 3 Steps to Building Massive Wealth with Feng Shui” visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!


Today we escape April’s  winter wonderland (wondering why it is still winter) and her 10 inches of newly fallen snow. We’re heading south to High Point, NC for the Spring furniture market and warmer 80 degree weather.

The High Point Furniture Market is where twice a year we get our creative juices recharged!  It’s like spending a week walking thru a live magazine.  This magazine is so enormous it’s impossible to see all of it.  There are 180 buildings that spread out over the whole of downtown High Point and the surrounding area. There are over 11.5 million square feet of showroom space, many in multi-story buildings.


First, we hop in an elevator that provides Purell.  Now we’re off to a good clean start.

win a car

Look over there; a chance to win a fancy white car on Elm Street.

Room Gear

Our mission is to find what is new and exciting for kids.  It never fails, there is always so much to bring back to Totally Kids fun furniture & toys.

And we did find so many fantastic new bedroom groups today.  Here are just a few:

Girl's Car Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys

Beep Beep, girls can now have their own pink Jeep.

Keep that Jeep

Hey guys, let’s keep this Jeep.

Surf's up at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Surf’s up.

contempo loft at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Contempo Loft.

Boat Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Add a mattress and motor off to sleep in this way cool boat bed.

Red Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Fred, we found your red bed!

Time for Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Time for Bed.  There will be lots more tomorrow.

Time flies! (like an arrow – fruit flies like bananas – just had to say that)

Seriously, we are now half way through the year of 2011. Do you need to renew your New Year’s resolutions, or are you one of the few who stayed on track with them?

Roughly 40 to 45% of American adults make one or more resolutions each year!  Statistics say that upwards of 92% of Americans will break their resolutions before the middle of January.

  • 75% past the first week
  • 71% past 2 weeks
  • 64% after one month
  • 46% after 6 months

According to the Opinion Corporation of Princeton NJ:

* 62% of people make New Year’s resolutions

* 8% are always successful

* 19% of people achieve resolutions every other year

* 49% have infrequent success

* 24% NEVER succeed and have failed on EVERY resolution EVERY year!

That’s 1 in 4 people who fail each and every time!

Shocking statistics, wouldn’t you say?

BTW what about you? What WERE your New Year Resolution?

Are you still on track for 2011?

If one on your list was redecorating, adding to or updating your children’s bedrooms, we have a deal for you. Now is the time to take advantage of the Totally Kids fun furniture & toys FIRECRACKER SALE! You can take 15% OFF everything & anything both online or in our showroom. Plus Angela and Chelsie our staff interior designers offer complimentary space planning and experienced professional advise.