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Our weekend DIY project when finished will be sent out across few states for some little people on our list. It is an idea from Natalme and looks oh so easy to create.

We have a couple of jigsaw puzzles of the United Staates that will be perfect. Next step is attaching pieces of magnetic tape to each state. That’s it, back in the puzzle box and what fun they’ll have putting the states on their fridges.

The United States has a vast variety in the traditions, however, most comes in the taste of the Christmas feast:

  • New England has Lumberjack Pie ( a mashed potato crust, filled with meats, onion and cinnamon.)
  • Pennsylvania Dutch serve Sand Tarts (thing, crisp sugar cookies)
  • North Carolina features Moravian Love-Feast Buns (faintly sweet bread of flour and mashed potatoes.)
  • Baltimore serves Sauerkraut with their Turkey (which includes apples, onions and carrots.)
  • Virginia gives us oyster and ham pie.
  • Southern states have Hominy Grits Soufflé and Whiskey Cake (with one cup of 100-proof whiskey.)
  • Louisiana’s treat is Creole Gumbo. It can include ham, veal, chicken, shrimp, oysters and crabmeat.
  • New Mexico has the Empanaditas–little beef pies with applesauce pine nuts and raisins.
  • Hawaii blesses us with Turkey Teriyaki marinated and cooked over an outdoor pit.   
  • What is your favorite Christmas meal? Is it a traditional meal that you grew up with?

DIY Puzzle

After eight inches of snow overnight, many of us can not even get out of our driveways and are stuck at home. The weatherman reports “it is  not over yet, another band of snow is heading our way.”

Jackie, from Happy Houligans,  has this DIY shapes puzzle idea that would be a perfect project for our snowbound day here in Minnesota. Everything that you need you can find right in your own home.

Let the kids go on a treasure hunt with you. Jackie suggests “small toys, office supplies, kitchen utensils and game pieces are all perfect, but anything goes, really, as long as it fits on your piece of paper, and lays flat enough to be traced.”

Unleash your inner artist and arrange the items so you can easily trace them on to the paper. Jackie puts the traced puzzle pieces in a basket and Bingo, you have a new puzzle for the kiddos.

This looks like it would a great idea for Master O’s birthday party number three. See what puzzle pieces his biking buds could find around the house if it is a too wet Seattle day.