Higgins, our Shop Dog took us to a fantastic networking event hosted by Sidewalk Dog and the Uptown Apple Store tonight.

Nummy Nibblies were provided for people by Lucia’s Restaurant. The pooches were not forgotten and enjoyed their own special treats.

Higgins was in her glory sniffing and hanging with at least 30 other shop dogs of all sizes and breeds. We were pleased to make many new acquaintances of both human and canines.

When your dog or horse is in need of a massage, who ya gonna call? Give  Jennifer Gibson of Bits of Love Pet Massage a jingle.

Higgins was tail waggin’ pleased to meet another Black and Tan Cavalier and Blenheim family who specialize in DoggyFroYo frozen yogurt treats. (you’ll see their pictures featured on their website)

Sarah Beth of  Sara Beth Photography was set up for a doggy photo shoot for all interested  top dogs. Not only does Sarah Beth capture unique pictures in her studio or on location, but offers a Joy Session for elderly and terminally ill dogs.

Another shop dog, the beautiful Roxy, from Bubbly Paws was a walking advertisement for her owner’s business. Higgins appeared to take note of Roxy’s impeccable grooming, the obvious benefits of her dog grooming and spa facility.

Remember, Higgins welcomes all her canine buddies to visit Totally Kids fun furniture & toys with their people. There is always a  cup of hot coffee and cookies waiting for the humans and doggie treats for Higgins friends. Woof!