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Oh, but I’m going to say it ….BANANA.

English: banana
French: banane
Spanish: banana
Greek: banana
Danish: banan
Finnish: banaani


Father’s Day Gift Idea

The anagram game that will drive you BANANAS!
This award-winning word game needs no pencil, paper, or bulky board. It is
fast and fun. One hand can be played in as little as 5 minutes. Give a Bananagram Game to Dad for Father’s Day and play at home, in restaurants, campgrounds, etc. Great for travel!

This last week was a rough one. All of us felt the loss of three team members. Shauna headed to Florida, Megan was off to hike (not run) around Crazy Horse in South Dakota and poor Diana left her sick bed for a trip to Kansas honoring her grandmother’s birthday then back home again to fight off some nasty virus.

This floor puzzle map is a perfect way teach U.S. geography. Start using it before your next trip or to talk about where friends and family live or are traveling.

Was it this doctor’s kit that helped Diana get well?