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Light Up Solar System

Welcome winter and be prepared for the longest night of the year tonight.

The winter solstice brings the shortest day – and the longest night of the year.

The reason for the different seasons in the two hemispheres is that while the earth rotates around the sun, it also spins on its axis, which is tilted some 23.5 degrees. Because of this tilt, the Northern Hemisphere receives less direct sunlight and the Southern Hemisphere receives more (and vice versa) depending on the season.

The Light Up Solar System shown above is a helpful aid in teaching about our solar system.

Blokus with board at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

This long winter’s night could be a good night for family game night. What is your families’ favorite game?

Last week I, Michelle a Marketing Coordinator here at Totally Kids, took home a Spot-It! card game. I thought that the game was really fun and an excellent family game, sleepover game and a great TV substitute. Depending on who is playing the game, it can be as competitive or as relaxed as you want.

How it’s Played:

Each player starts out with one Spot-It! Card and the rest of the stack in the center of the playing space.  The idea behind playing the game is to match an item from your card to an item that is on the center stack of cards. Once you match an item, you call the item out loud and take the center card and place it on top of your current card. The card you took, then, becomes your new card. The object of the game is to obtain the most amount of cards once the center stack has run out.

I love the game because it is always a challenge for all ages. It is very difficult to adjust your brain to train your eye to look for a certain shape or size because between all the cards, the shapes and sizes of the items continue to shift. With the circle-shaped cards, there is no rest or expectation for your eye and memory.

By the time we got to the third and fourth round, we had developed quick reflexes and a strong competitive edge. If you really like card games that involve speed and challenge your brain, this game is perfect for you, your family and friends. It is a game to entertain kids and adults, none of which will get bored playing.


Judging from the above photo, looks like Amber, our customer care manager and Michelle were all about fun and games at work today. Stop in any day and challenge them to a game of spot it! Watch out though, they have been practicing.