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A lesson in cooperation.

Begin by cutting a few swimming noodles in half.  Give each player a noodle. Scatter 20 or more colorful balloons (blown up) on the ground around a 2 laundry baskets.

Give players five minutes to move as many balloons as possible into the laundry baskets without touching the balloons with any body part. The catch? The only tool they can use is their pool noodle. At first, players may try  batting the balloons into the basket alone. A lesson in cooperation will happen once they realize it takes two! Using the two pool noodles like giant chopsticks to lift the balloons into  the basket and you’ll have a team of winners! Be sure to have prizes for everyone.

Another oldie but goodie from

More Noodles….

Brain Noodles are like pipe cleaners on steroids. You can use your noodle to bend, twist, and create anything you can imagine! Craft fun for kids of all ages; birthday gifts, quiet play time, party favors, learning tools, brainstorming, ice breakers for parties, centerpieces, stress toys, luggage id, fundraisers, and more! The list goes on and on…With all the possibilities, Brain Noodles™ can be used again and again in unlimited ways.

Looks like we have another hot day in store for us.

Today, why not try keeping cool with an old favorite game of Balloon Toss. Gather the neighborhood kids plus any willing brave adults and cool off without a pool. Pair off into teams of two and line up facing one another about 3ft apart. Give each team a water balloon filled as full as it will go. Each team begins to toss the water balloon back and forth, taking a step back after each successful toss, widening the distance between them. The team that can toss the balloon the farthest without dropping or exploding the water balloon wins. Good luck trying to keep an orderly game! Can you say splash?

Well now, if that was not a wet enough trick, give Water Limbo a shot. Crank up some calypso music. Next, have an adult, not the neighborhood prankster use a hose nozzle to spray a jet of water horizontally and get the kids to take it in turns to limbo underneath the water. Lower the jet after each successful limbo and surely cool everyone off. How low can you go? How wet will you get?

Have you ever played a game of Sponge Tag – Sure, we all know how to play tag, but just changing the rules of the game slightly and adding the element of getting wet can really shake things up. The best sponges are those enormous sponges used for washing cars.  So take that wet sponge and toss it at one another. If you get hit with a sponge, you’re out! We have kicked it up a notch when we’re at the lake and dipped the sponges in cherry Kool-aid, putting it in the messy fun department. There’s definitely no question who got hit by the sponge.

Watermelon is a great way to hydrate and you can’t let summer pass you by without dazzling (or frightening) the fam this shark. Rachael over at Sun Scholars shows you how to make this amazing  Watermelon Shark.

Gotta make this for my brother who didn’t take bath for months after seeing Jaws. Lucky for us we did have a shower.

Staying hydrated during this heat wave can be a challenge. Evenflo offers 5 tips on how to defeat the heat:

Tip # 1: Either mostly or completely cut out soda from your child’s diet. There is no nutritional value in it, and all it does is dehydrate their body even more than it already is. If your child is going to miss the soda, try giving them water with some fruit slices that will naturally add some flavor and sweetness.

Tip #2: Provide your children with snacks that will not only fill them up but hydrate them. For example, cucumbers are almost completely made up of water, which makes them a light, refreshing snack. Other good choices are watermelon, citrus fruits, grape tomatoes, and colorful bell peppers. If your child gets turned off by the veggies, try cutting them into fun shapes or providing a healthy dip like yogurt or hummus, which also gives them a protein punch.

Tip #3: This one helps when you have kids who are too “busy” playing to stop to munch a snack, is to make it fun. My daughter almost always comes running when I make fruit caterpillars for her. All you need are toothpicks and fruit (just be careful if you give these to small children). Kids can even help make these, which can be a fun learning activity as well. Your child can make patterns with the fruit alternating grapes, blueberries, strawberries, or kiwi pieces. You can also make veggie caterpillars, which when you add some small pieces of cheese, adds some protein as well. The munching possibilities are endless!
Tip #4: Here’s a simple one, if you know you’re heading outside to be in the sun, try to get your kids to drink some extra liquids before you leave so you won’t have to worry quite as much once you get to your sunny destination.

Tip #5: When your kids have their hydrating snacks and drinks, make sure you join them! It’s just as important that mommies take care of themselves as well. You set the example for your kids, so if they see you taking care of yourself, chances are they’ll follow!


Want to know when a Watermelon is ripe?

Melopn Meter 1

There’s an app for that!

The Melon Meter claims to help you choose a ripe watermelon using the microphone on your iPhone!