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christmas in july

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Why not build a snowman in July?


Find the recipe for fun here.

Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Look at Frosty go.
Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Over the hills of snow.

Hurry and have some fun before he really melts away.

Talking about the chairs

Day Two, High Point Furniture Spring Market: You couldn’t miss this colorful Adirondack bench out in front of Showplace even if you tried. It would have been a shame not to stop, take a closer look, climb up, sit down and make a new friend.

Seated high up on the arm was charming 12-year-old Acacia Woodley who shared with us her dream of spreading friendship and kindness.

Acacia is a small girl with no right hand and only two fingers on her left hand, so was an easy target for the bullying she experienced as a new student at a Florida school. From this Acadia came up with an idea –  The Friendship Bench.

In 2012 she started the Tiny Girl, Big Dream Foundation to help children of all ages and backgrounds spread kindness and achieve their goals. Acacia explained “children are supposed to sit on the bench when they’re being bullied or just having a bad day.”  “That lets others know they need a friend to talk to.”

Friendship Chairs

The Friendship Benches are kid sized to fit in schools. They are made from recycled milk bottles by C.R. Plastics, a Canadian company. Each is hand-painted with words of encouragement and positive character traits such as hope, respect, listen, dream and encourage. There are also three quotes about friendship, one on each arm and one along the front edge.

Chilling in the Chair

Another “lucky day” at market getting to meet Acacia with her Friendship Bench to help stop the bullying.  What an inspiration she is for all of us!

Lucky Pot of Gold

Day one, High Point Furniture Spring Market.  Backwards it may be, but starting off by finding a pot of gold, we knew there must be a rainbow near by. Those two leprechauns who just happened to be on Main Street did bring lots of luck for finding a rainbow of color everywhere we went.

Upholstered Twin Beds

Fully upholstered twin beds in an array of colors.

One World Shelves

Stop in Totally Kids fun furniture & toys about six weeks from now and you will see many of these colorful shelves around the showroom. They will be ideal attached to walls for kids sleeping on bottom bunk beds.

Corner Lounge Bed

This full size corner lounge bed is low enough to be used as a starter bed and offers tween and teen appeal as well.

Sideways Bed

Here is the same concept sideways lounge bed shown in a twin size.

Sideways Desk

While talking sideways, what do you think about this sideways desk?

Orange bike

For you DIY’ers out there, look how you can create some three dimensional art with an old bike, Christmas lights and spray paint in your favorite color.

Peace rug

Suyra introduced a new line of rugs for kids. This green peace sign may be good for sibs sharing a bedroom!

Yellow Bunk Beds

A sunny yellow bunk would brighten any room. Could it melt the twelve inches of April snow in Minnesota? (that we missed)


A little birdie told us that Lindsey, our interior designer will be excited about a flock of colorful birds for bed covers.

Hello Color

More color, color, color.

Red Cuddle Chair

We were truly surprised at the use of color everywhere at this market.

Tomorrow is another day, and with those two leprechauns around, we plan on keeping the luck of the Irish with us.

Sugar PlumsWho’s ready for a long winter’s nap? Tonight’s the night folks. Well, that’s if you are here with us in the Northland. The winter solstice begins today, December 21, 2013 at 11:11 AM, a day with only 8 hours and 46 minutes of daylight; therefore offering a very long winter’s night for napping.

Totally Kids fun furniture and toys has the largest selection of kids beds, ideal for the occasion. Stay warm and cozy up in one of these beds:

Blythe Stairway Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

The Blythe Stairway bed with its optional knobs that rather resemble Sugarplums yet to dance in your head.  Many other stairway beds are available for dreaming.

Guthrie Twin Size Big Bookcase Captains Bed at Totally Kids

A big bookcase captains bed offers storage space as well as slumber.  The Guthrie Big Bookcase Bed is a favorite.

Boone Sleeps 3 or 4 Higher L Shape Loft Bed at Totally Kids

Somehow families visiting the Totally Kids showroom always end up chilling under the Boone Sleeps 3 or More bed.  The futon folds down into a double bed.  Many other styles are available for sleeping more than 2 children in a room.  Take a look below at the custom bed made for the Spencer family.

Tangerine Beds for Four at Totally Kids

Frankie's Fun Fort at Totally Kids

When Frankie finishes a fun day of play in his fort bed, he has a cozy fort for sweet dreaming.  Check out all of the other theme beds at Totally Kids.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Totally Kids

You know she’s your princess, so tuck her snug into her own Princess Castle bed.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!


Today we escape April’s  winter wonderland (wondering why it is still winter) and her 10 inches of newly fallen snow. We’re heading south to High Point, NC for the Spring furniture market and warmer 80 degree weather.

The High Point Furniture Market is where twice a year we get our creative juices recharged!  It’s like spending a week walking thru a live magazine.  This magazine is so enormous it’s impossible to see all of it.  There are 180 buildings that spread out over the whole of downtown High Point and the surrounding area. There are over 11.5 million square feet of showroom space, many in multi-story buildings.


First, we hop in an elevator that provides Purell.  Now we’re off to a good clean start.

win a car

Look over there; a chance to win a fancy white car on Elm Street.

Room Gear

Our mission is to find what is new and exciting for kids.  It never fails, there is always so much to bring back to Totally Kids fun furniture & toys.

And we did find so many fantastic new bedroom groups today.  Here are just a few:

Girl's Car Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys

Beep Beep, girls can now have their own pink Jeep.

Keep that Jeep

Hey guys, let’s keep this Jeep.

Surf's up at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Surf’s up.

contempo loft at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Contempo Loft.

Boat Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Add a mattress and motor off to sleep in this way cool boat bed.

Red Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Fred, we found your red bed!

Time for Bed at Totally Kids fun furniture and toys

Time for Bed.  There will be lots more tomorrow.

Today a truckload of dorm chairs arrived in oh so many colors. A few of us grabbed our favorites and tried them out.  Take a look at the other fun colors: Chili Pepper Red, Zebra, Purple, Pinki-ini, Lime-anade, Patriot Blue, Monumental Grey, Tangerine Tango and Stretch Limo Black.

Now we invite you too to stop in and please be seated in your choice Dorm Chair.

We missed a few team Totally members this week all struck with  with various nasty bugs.

Our Haba Doctor Kit is a classic favorite for junior doctors.

It’s Market Week in Las Vegas and we’re on a mission to find the latest and greatest in cool for kids and their families.

The market does not open until tomorrow, but let’s get off to a good clean head start.

Join us as we enter the hole to another universe!

Since many of the showrooms are not open on Sunday we will do some window shopping.

Tomorrow we search for new seating, but WOW look at these chairs.

Blue jeans take on a new life with this up-cycled blue jeans sofa.

Piles of pillows. Annie is spotting the Chevron (zig zag trend).

Not your Mama’s sofa.

A new hangout for Higgins our Shop Dog.

Would you store dog biscuits or 3 rolls of TP in this metal fire hydrant?

We met Purple Spot an Italian dog, a new age friend for Higgins. Spot is available in other color choices, and is intended for climbing or sitting on by kids.

We ordered pile of fabulous pillows. There were QR codes everywhere. Do you know any folks actually reading them?

An iconic egg chair; both kid size and adult soon to be added to our retro section.

Well actually Queen (bed) for every night.

When Shauna discovered this extra long twin over queen size bunk bed we all stood up and cheered. It is a first and one of a kind. We have had soooo many requests for a queen size bunk bed and now we have one!

Try serving up some carrots in dirt! They are really sugar cookies in crushed up Oreos. If you would like the recipe with instructions, hop on over to Our Dish…..

 Unleash some edible markers and decorate your Easter Eggs! No end to the creative genius to be discovered. Another great idea from Parents.

Or…..remove the eggie insides and doodle to your delight Easter Eggs.

Upstairs to downstairs in warp speed.










It’s  about time for a new form of public transportation, right?











You can make the Sleep n Slide a reality at your house!

Slip sliding away, slip sliding away…….

Higgins, our Shop Dog took us to a fantastic networking event hosted by Sidewalk Dog and the Uptown Apple Store tonight.

Nummy Nibblies were provided for people by Lucia’s Restaurant. The pooches were not forgotten and enjoyed their own special treats.

Higgins was in her glory sniffing and hanging with at least 30 other shop dogs of all sizes and breeds. We were pleased to make many new acquaintances of both human and canines.

When your dog or horse is in need of a massage, who ya gonna call? Give  Jennifer Gibson of Bits of Love Pet Massage a jingle.

Higgins was tail waggin’ pleased to meet another Black and Tan Cavalier and Blenheim family who specialize in DoggyFroYo frozen yogurt treats. (you’ll see their pictures featured on their website)

Sarah Beth of  Sara Beth Photography was set up for a doggy photo shoot for all interested  top dogs. Not only does Sarah Beth capture unique pictures in her studio or on location, but offers a Joy Session for elderly and terminally ill dogs.

Another shop dog, the beautiful Roxy, from Bubbly Paws was a walking advertisement for her owner’s business. Higgins appeared to take note of Roxy’s impeccable grooming, the obvious benefits of her dog grooming and spa facility.

Remember, Higgins welcomes all her canine buddies to visit Totally Kids fun furniture & toys with their people. There is always a  cup of hot coffee and cookies waiting for the humans and doggie treats for Higgins friends. Woof!