hanging lettuce basket Even though we are still ice and snow covered here in Minnesota, some of us are hoping that tomorrow Punxsutawney Phil will be bringing news and hope of an early spring.

Lettuce entertain you with this clever edible hanging basket idea that we are anxious to get started.

My Hanging Baskets has the 411:

Line the basket with moist sphagnum moss or a preformed Angel Moss liner.

Fill the basket with a light potting soil. Place leaf lettuce transplants about 4 inches apart in holes throughout the basket. Push the root ball through the moss into the moist potting soil. Be sure to place several transplants in the top of the basket, too!

Place the basket where it will get almost full sun. As the lettuce starts to grow, you will have an almost-perfectly round basket that is as pretty as an ivy or fern and a whole lot tastier.

My Hanging Baskets suggests  that  can choose to alternate a green-leaf lettuce, like Black Seeded Simpson, with a red-leaf lettuce, like Red Sails, in your basket, or make a basket of each. Be sure to pop over to their website to see all of the other fantastic ideas for hanging baskets.