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Look what we found at the January 2011 Hong Kong Toy Fair


Just like the Flintstones, you can  have your very own pet dinosaur.

Introducing Pleo!

Pleo has unique innate personality traits such as obedience and courage. They begin life as a hatchling Camarasaurus, either male or female, and then go through infant and juvenile stages, interacting with their owner and the environment as they go through mood and health changes. Personalities and behaviors can be downloaded, and uploaded  to the dinosaur via its SD card slot.

Pleo can to see, hear, and feel its environment. He also has voice recognition to respond to a given name, motion sensing, awareness of the time of day, and even a temperature sensor that makes it shiver in a cold room.

Infrared sensors enable it to communicate with other Pleos. When two males meet, they’ll shout at each other, but a male and female will nuzzle.


How about a new age electronic Rubic’s style cube.