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Almost every day kids come into our store and fall in love with the car beds. There’s even a fair number of Dads inquiring if the car beds are available in queen size. Yes, they must be planning a good surprise for the Mrs. with that dream. What would your kids think if they saw this house built like a car? Another question, what would you think if a house like this one was built in your neighborhood next door to you?

Looks like this number has all the basics on the exterior; 4 wheels, bumpers, head lamps, nice rims, even a sun roof. Plus unbelievably incredible gas mileage.

Curious about what the interior has to offer? Take a spin over to fresh home and test drive a look inside for yourself.


Ever popular with girls in the new to driving/sleeping in a BIG bed set is the snazzy pink car bed. This model requires a standard crib mattress which could be a rather handy cost savings if no one else is taking over her crib she left behind.


Shauna will soon be adding a really cool pink twin size race car bed to our line up. It will resemble  the sleek  twin size back Formula 8 , but in a pretty pink color.


By day try Automoblox play with an award winning C9P super charged wooden sports car.


The Blue Basket knows what to do with your cars crazed kids. She has a DIY tutorial for a Back Rub shirt that would make a great Mother’s or Father’s Day gift.

Calling all car lovers! Now who would not like one of these chocolate models to roll on to their plate?  They are an EZ cook together for even the youngest cooks.  Be sure to start out with ample parts as there is a tendency for mysterious disappearance of integral parts.

Milky Way Cars


  • 1 packet Milky Way Bars
  • 1 packet Tiny Teddy Biscuits
  • 1 packet chocolate Smarties
  • Handful of Choc Melts


1. Assembling the Milky Way Cars works best in a production line. Setup the bars and allocate four Smarties per car, all the same colour.

2. Melt the choc melts in a small dish. Use melted chocolate to stick on the Smarties.

3. Using a thin object (eg: a chopstick), place a small amount of melted chocolate onto the Smartie and then stick the Smarties to the Milky Way bar.

4. Holding the Milky Way bar by the sides, press the tiny teddy gently into the bar.

5. Repeat until you have completed all bars. EZ,  cute and  tasty!

The Milky Way Cars are the brainchild of The Speckled Freckle Party Place. Thank you for the inspiration!


Transition out of the crib and race off to sleep in your very first race car bed  that takes a crib size mattress.


For more space and room to grow this twin size Formula 8 Race Car Bed is the ticket.

Enter this black race car in the bedtime race . Bring it home to the finish line – as sure fire winner for getting them to race off to sleep! Black not your color? Other models are available take a look here.

If you are like most parents of a young children, you’ve most likely read piles of advice about how to get your child to sleep. What you may not realize is that the amount of sleep you get is just as important as the amount your child gets.

Are you getting enough sleep? Is it “quality” — you know, the deep, restful kind? A consistently good sleep experience is an important component of your health, mood and resultant family life.

The average adult needs about eight hours of sleep per night. Less than that can affect your state of alertness: A study by the Walter Reed Army Institute discovered that an adult who went without sleep for 24 hours — and who was otherwise healthy — had decidedly weakened activity in the area of the brain that controls cognition and alertness, making the subjects more forgetful and “fuzzy-brained.” Granted, you will likely not lose a whole day’s worth of sleep, but being sleep-deprived at any level will make you that much less alert.

What are some ways for sleep-deprived parents to improve their quality of sleep?

• Cut out the caffeine, alcohol and other foods and drinks that are stimulants — especially within the few hours before bedtime. If you must drink something before bed, try a caffeine-free or decaffeinated herbal tea such as chamomile or have some warmed milk.

• Try some relaxation techniques when you get into bed. One that I find works well: Lie down in a darkened bedroom with quiet music in the background (classical or new age fits the bill). Slow your breathing down. Make a triangle with your hands by touching the fingertips on one hand to the matching fingertips of the other hand then place the triangle over your stomach. Remain still, breathing deeply.

• Tired during the day? It’s OK to take a quick nap in between the four million other things you are juggling. If you think you can’t, remember, you can’t be an effective parent if you are too tired to take care of your family. One solution: Take a nap at the same time your child does. Even a 10-minute lie-down will refresh you.

• Get consistency into your nighttime. Experts advise to put a nighttime schedule into practice in order to get your child to sleep. Not too surprisingly, this philosophy works for adults as well.

A nighttime schedule will get your body into the routine of starting to ready itself for sleep at about the same time each day. If you add a consistent awakening time to your routine, your body will be able to click in on a 24-hour cycle of sleep.

• Do you take calcium? Try taking your supplement about 45 minutes before bedtime. It should help relax you enough to aid your sleep.

Tip from the parenting trenches: Make one night a week early-to-bed night. After you get the kids down, instead of doing the dishes, mopping the floor, sorting the laundry, downloading music or catching up on the day’s text messages, take a warm bath and hop into bed an hour earlier than usual. This is what true luxury is!

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