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BEEP BEEP – you can sleep in a jeep and one safari ready at that!

Make the transition to a big boy or big girl an adventure with our Zebra Striped Jeep.

Taking That BIG Step!

Which approach is best for you will depend on your reasons for making the change, your child’s personality, and the size of his room. Here are a few ways to help him make the transition from crib to bed:

1. Big-kid bed hoopla: Some children enjoy having an official Big Kid Day party. Set up the bed, decorate the room and add a few sleep-related gifts, such as books and stuffed animals.

2. One-step-at-a-time: Take the mattress out of the crib and place it on the floor in the same location. This gives your child the same sleeping surface and the same view of the room that he has grown accustomed to. Place guard rails around the sides to create a crib-like enclosure. Keep the same bedding and crib toys. This is a mid-step between the crib and a real bed.

3. The gradual introduction: Set up the new bed in the same room as the crib. Allow your child to play on the bed and nap there. Do your bedtime reading in the new bed, but allow him to have nighttime sleeps in the crib. This will help your child get used to the bed gradually.

4. Patience and encouragement: No matter which path you choose, be patient. Big steps toward growth often happen in spurts and your child may be excited to welcome the change one day, but wary of it the next. Maintain your nightly bedtime routine and help your child develop a positive association with his new bed, since he’ll be sleeping there for many years to come.