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Even Thomas Edison would be intrigued with these Electronic Snap Circuits.

Introduce kids to the science behind this everyday wonder that fuels our lives. Try this set to provide the perfect introduction to the electric world!

The snap circuit kit uses building blocks with snaps to build the different electrical and electronic circuits in the projects. Each block has a function: there are switch blocks, lamp blocks, battery blocks, etc.
These blocks are in different colors and have numbers on them so that you can easily identify them. The circuit you will build is shown in color and numbers, identifying the blocks that you will use and snap together to form a circuit.
The Snap CircuitsĀ  set contains over 30 parts so you can build 100 exciting projects or create your own exciting experiments. An instructional manual is included with complete directions to build Projects #1- #101.
Have fun learning about electronics and build a dual speed fan, a periodic doorbell, a photo sensor police siren, a flashing laster light with sound and much more!

My First Science Kit is the perfect science introduction for younger kids. Learn how to think like a scientist while having fun. Perform 10 science experiments, set up a color-mixing lab, grow gobs of crystals in 24 different hues and capture a rainbow in a tube. Become a color-mixing detective and explore color science. Complete kit includes magnifier, mini mixing tray, packet of Super, Water-Soaking Crystals, 2 packets of tub tints, 2 pipettes, 3 plastic caps, 6 plastic cups, 3 plastic test tubes and an instruction manual. For ages 4 and up.