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Little Grass House

Not sure if this should be called a science project or an art project?  Whichever, or maybe both, it is definitely a fun way to entertain the kids this summer. You too can make a little grass house using sponges and grass seed. The clever folks at the Spoonful will show you what you need and instructions of how to build one of your one.

What does your garden grow?  Try a Little Grass House for Science Saturday.

Your next question of course would be: how do you cut all of that grass? May we suggest a Rice Krispie’s lawn mower!  If this works for you, Cute Food for Kids will show you how to make a lawn mower. Good luck getting the kids to mow!

Rice Krispie Lawn Mowers

Rain, rain, go away, but while it pours stay dry inside and learn while you play.

We began this May with a drought, but now have broken the all time rainfall record for May in Minneapolis. The rain continues to fall.

Say Yes to Hoboken has a super idea and excellent pictorial for Rainy Day Marshmallow Building.

Your kids will learn the basic Engineering Design Process about load and balance with this week’s Science Saturday project.

So gather up some marshmallows and toothpicks – see what your little engineers can construct!

Thank you Liz at Say Yes to Hoboken for sharing your rainy day project. Question, how much of the building material disappears?