It’s a Sweet Little Holiday today. The National Confectioners Association has designated July 20 as National Lollipop Day. A lollipop may also be called a lolly, a sucker, dum dum or a sticky-pop. An ice lollipop in the USA is called a popsicle.


The idea of a hard candy on a stick is fairly simple, and it’s entirely probable that the lollipop has been invented and reinvented numerous times. The word “lolly-pop” dates to 1784, but initially referred to soft, rather than hard candy. The term probably derived from the term “lolly” (tongue) and “pop” (slap). The first references to the lollipop in its modern context date to the 1920s.

The first confectioneries that closely resemble what we call lollipops date to the Middle Ages, when the nobility would often eat boiled sugar with the aid of sticks or handles. The invention of the modern lollipop is still something of a mystery, but a number of American companies in the early 20th century have laid claim to it.

How many Licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop“. If you are over thirty, you may remember this question. So….can you answer the question?