What an exciting day we had at Totally Kids today! We were able to meet with the founder of Pawsitivity Service Dogs. If you haven’t heard of this nonprofit before, we highly recommend that you take some time to read their About Us page.

Tom and Julie Coleman founded Pawsitivity Service Dogs four years ago. Their mission is to bring positivity to families with children on the autism spectrum. Seeing firsthand how dogs can help children with autism and realizing that there was no organization doing this in MN, prompted them to start training dogs right away.

Pawsitivity takes rescue dogs that need a new lease on life and trains them to be service dogs. About 1 out of 1000 dogs can be trained to be service dogs.  They figure out, depending on the dog’s personality and energy level, which family the dog would be best fit. Service dogs have also been proven to help adults with severe depression or PTSD, among other disorders and disabilities .

“If you have met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism” Tom says. Which is why they train each dog and family individually. They are a small organization, and they plan to stay that way. Tom and Julie know that the 900 hours they put into training each dog will meet their high standards, and the end result is astounding.

Visit their website for the many heartwarming success stories Pawsitivity Service Dogs.


Now through the entire month of August you can help raise awareness of these important dogs by donating to Pawsitivity, and in return Totally Kids will give you 10% OFF your entire purchase.

All it takes is a $10 donation to save on anything storewide and online. We look forward to this new sponsorship and encourage everyone to help make a difference.