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Here we are in Palm Springs, California, a town doubling as a virtual museum of Mid-Century Modern architecture with possibly the world’s largest and best preserved examples of elegant homes built during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.


During the late 1950s and early 1960s, the George Alexander Construction Company partnered with several architects to develop a unique approach to tract housing and built over 2500 homes in southern California. The company primarily worked in and near Palm Springs but their style of houses were emulated across the United States.

The Alexander Construction Company gave their homes a variety of distinctive roof lines similar to this one, which by the way, is available for immediate move in.  It features an open floor plan just as many of the Alexander homes built of more solid materials do.

An opportunity missed, but maybe another time to take this tour. Some of the houses on this poster depict features common to the Alexander homes, such as: expansive windows, windows and doors minus their typical moldings, breezeway connecting an open carport to the house, flat, slanted, or butterfly-shaped roofs, exteriors finished with two-tone wood, patterned brick, decorative concrete block and Three-quarter high wall partitions.


Harry Bertoia’s diamond lounge chair and cyclone table remain a fascinating study in bent metal and a fixture of mid-century design, now scaled down 75 percent for the younger set.

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Eames Hang It All will always have a place in kids rooms.

It’s Modernism Week here in Palm Springs where it is always sunny, except for today.

The 11th Annual Palm Springs Modernism Show & Sale is a highlight of Modernism Week featuring 10 days of celebrating everything modern with mid-century design and architecture fans, friends and aficionados from around the world all visit.

Palm Springs was once famous for movie stars hideaway homes during the golden age of Hollywood, but today this desert oasis attracts more sun-seeking retirees and gay travelers than celebrities.

With leftover love in the air from Valentine’s Day, it is fitting to begin Palm Springs modernism week looking at the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway.

After their Las Vegas wedding, Elvis and Priscilla honeymooned in this home on May 1, 1967 then lived in it for about a year before buying a home offering more privacy located less than a mile away.

Even before the Presleys arrived, the house was famous for its architecture. Designed in 1962 as “The House of Tomorrow’” it was an experiment in modern living by the architecture firm of  Palmer and Krisel which was then built for the hefty sum of $300,000.

The house was featured in LOOK magazine, a mid-century pictorial, shortly after the home was built. The entire house is a set of round forms on different levels, there’s not a square room in the house.









A bedroom fit for a King.

















Throne Room complete with tub.


You to can live like the king, rent the Elvis Honeymoon House complete with 2 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 4,695 sq ft of living space. Or….you can take a tour and see if it’s really the place for you.


My favorite tell it like it is in Palm Springs:


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