We know it’s going to happen, that inevitable first freezing rain turned snowfall of the season when local drivers suffer memory loss. Most of them have logged months, if not years navigating icy Minnesota roads winter after winter. Bring on that first ice and snowstorm and you would think there was an invasion of never seen snow before Hawaiians clogging our highways and byways as they¬† maintain a top speed of fifteen miles an hour.

The State Patrol reported 200 crashes and 80 cases of vehicles spinning out or running off the road statewide between noon Saturday and 2:45 p.m.


If the thought of driving on miserable roads puts knots in your back, make a back rub shirt and have the kids massage away with their cars.

The Blue basket has the how to for this functional shirt. Who on your gift list could use one of these this year?

Whether it’s a super charged back rub car or an Automoblox for imaginative play, someone you know would love this one.