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Stuffed animals always find a way of taking over, and this is one of the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen to organize them!  Veetje, a foreign language blog with no tutorial, featured this, but I’m pretty sure any of you DIY-ers out there could figure out how to make this.

Now, if you are finding little escapees here and there, this time of year there are toy donation drop offs all around the county.  Why not re-home some of your extras for other children to enjoy?

Before too many Sugarplums dance in your head, there are other charities that could use help this season of giving.

A Tisket, a Tasket, store toys in a  wire basket.

We found some of these unused garden planters in the garage at home. Our design team will be painting them in bright colors, then they will be hung on the wall under a bunk bed in the showroom. We’ll share pics once the project is completed.

This idea and many other great ones can be found at DIY Home Sweet Home.