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Look what we are making this weekend for our preschool friends.

It is not your regular red and white Playdough, but a festive peppermint glitter infused variety.  Artful Parent shows you how to make this fun do together for you and the kiddos. She dresses up canning jars and then adds a cute tag ready to share with your little friends.

The glitter and peppermint scent really says Merry Christmas.


Back in September we made pumpkin latte playdoh that smelled good enough to eat.

Take a look at Sweet Sugar Belle’s recipe for gingerbread playdoh and  how adorable her packaging  is, complete with a Gingerbread Man cookie cutter!

And then………..       A fox asked, “Would you like a ride?”

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Just as the weatherman predicted, it happened, snow! Welcome Winter to Minneapolis, and a splendid  job at bringing a Wonderland with you.

Kuddos to you Winter for choosing your arrival on a Saturday when many of us did not have to go to school or work, and could stay home to enjoy your gift of beauty and snow.


Roll up some snowball treats in the warmth of your own kitchen.



Keep Winter’s beauty inside with these Victorian Snowflakes that everyone in the family can create. They will not disappear like the snowball treats plus will not melt away.










Could this folding kick sled could become your Rosebud?