Train sets are Christmas classics for many Dad’s and their little boys. Take a good look at the picture to the right. If your house is anything like ours, the first time it is set up may be the only time your train set will look like this but has nothing to do with the fun and bonding it will produce.

Watch your children guide colorful engines, coal cars, freight cars, and caboose around great lengths of curves & straight track, whizzing by workers, trees and traffic signs. They steer engines in to fill the expansive roundhouse engine shed. Concentrating intently, they lift and carry railroad cars and freight with magnetic tipped cranes.

Kids of all ages love trains, both playing with them and riding the rails. If train travel happens to be in your 2011 plans,  Travel for Kids offers tips for traveling by train with kids.


Who has the most fun flying this RC plane? It is the fastest person to grab it. Great for teaching sharing skills. Good luck!

Air travel with young children takes some planning and patience. Y0u might find Flying with Kids a good resource before taking off on your next flight with little ones.


Road trips need not be a challenge with proper preparation. Oh sure! But really, take a look at these ideas: Tips for Surviving Car Travel With Little Kids by 

Here are some travel toys that are recommended for all modes of transportation you might like. Automoblox will drive kids’ imaginations with this wooden designer car. Removable connectors allow parts to be exchanged using a shape and color system unique to each Automoblox vehicle.