Can you really have your Royal Wedding Cake and eat it too?

Did you know? At 29, Kate Middleton will be the oldest royal bride in history. That is to say, the oldest royal bride who wasn’t a divorcee. Eleanor of Aquitaine was believed to be 30 when she divorced King of the Franks Louis VII and married future king Henry II in 1152 (her exact birth date is a matter of some mystery), and the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) was 57 when he became the Prince of Wales’ (Prince Charles)second wife in 2005. But typically, first-time royal brides tended to be in their teens except for Princess Diana, who was  20 when she married Prince Charles.   Who was the youngest bride? Errr… was Isabella of Valois, who was just six when she married the widowed Richard II in 1396.

If you are lucky enough to ever be an American invited to a royal wedding you would not be required to bow to the Queen, since you are not royal subject. (remember your late 18th century history). However, nodding slightly at the neck (for men) and bending slightly at the knees (the curtsey, for women) is considered a “gracious” thing to do.


After all is said and done,  you can just go live in your own castle or at least pretend play live in it.