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Yesterday this happy fire engine bunk bed caught our attention. Today it was the real deal.

From our hotel window this morning we witnessed scores of  Las Vegas Fire Department fire engines in action. After hearing 10 minutes of non stop sirens, we realized it must be more than a Vegas stunt. Then we saw the  black smoke billowing from the top of the Treasure Island Hotel and more red and yellow fire engines than we could count surrounding the hotel.

The unsettling sound of sirens continued for over 30 minutes as more and more trucks arrived. Later we learned  41 fire vehicles responded to a fire caused by a roof top swamp cooler and that luckily there were no serious injuries.

A fire hydrant and fire engine find both in the same day.

The wooden fire truck bunk bed pictured above is complete with a steering wheel, tires and ladder, but thankfully NO siren.

Our favorite doll house bed is available once again and should be back in the Totally Kids fun furniture & toys showroom in a few weeks.

SF Kids had a few new chairs and fabrics in their line up.

Chill on a pink junior chaise.

Tween dream, a pink over sized chair with zebra pillows.

Memory foam meets bean bag. Thumbs up from seating tester Annie. We will be stocking these in several colors.

We found a sea of Disney bean bags.

Papa Bear and Baby Bear Chairs.

Once you wore them, now they can wear you.

Marie Antoinette chair.

In the game of seating this one wins the game.

A tire ottoman.

Take a Paw-s in this chair.

A butterfly with dots.

Sealed with a kiss in red or…..


It’s Market Week in Las Vegas and we’re on a mission to find the latest and greatest in cool for kids and their families.

The market does not open until tomorrow, but let’s get off to a good clean head start.

Join us as we enter the hole to another universe!

Since many of the showrooms are not open on Sunday we will do some window shopping.

Tomorrow we search for new seating, but WOW look at these chairs.

Blue jeans take on a new life with this up-cycled blue jeans sofa.

Piles of pillows. Annie is spotting the Chevron (zig zag trend).

Not your Mama’s sofa.

A new hangout for Higgins our Shop Dog.

Would you store dog biscuits or 3 rolls of TP in this metal fire hydrant?

We met Purple Spot an Italian dog, a new age friend for Higgins. Spot is available in other color choices, and is intended for climbing or sitting on by kids.

We ordered pile of fabulous pillows. There were QR codes everywhere. Do you know any folks actually reading them?

An iconic egg chair; both kid size and adult soon to be added to our retro section.

Here Comes the Bride Sale!

Help us wish Amber a happy wedding day! Stop by Totally Kids or give her a call. If for some reason, wink wink,  Amber happens to be out of the office we will pass on your good wishes when she returns from her honeymoon.

Good wishes = 15% OFF anything & everything online or in the showroom, now though her big wedding day Saturday, July 28th.

You can have your own wedding cake and pretend eat it too!

Offer not valid on prior purchases, with gift cards or other offers.

Help your kiddos stay cool. How to beat the heat!

Beat the heat this summer with this  clever kids car wash for keeping the kiddos  cool and trikes clean. Just hold the hot wax please! Some very lucky kids at Child’s Garden Preschool in Covedale, Ohio had the pleasure of partaking in this seriously awesome kids car wash. You can make one too with instructions from Family Fun’s how to with PVC pipe, pool noodles and sponges.

It’s a Sweet Little Holiday today. The National Confectioners Association has designated July 20 as National Lollipop Day. A lollipop may also be called a lolly, a sucker, dum dum or a sticky-pop. An ice lollipop in the USA is called a popsicle.


The idea of a hard candy on a stick is fairly simple, and it’s entirely probable that the lollipop has been invented and reinvented numerous times. The word “lolly-pop” dates to 1784, but initially referred to soft, rather than hard candy. The term probably derived from the term “lolly” (tongue) and “pop” (slap). The first references to the lollipop in its modern context date to the 1920s.

The first confectioneries that closely resemble what we call lollipops date to the Middle Ages, when the nobility would often eat boiled sugar with the aid of sticks or handles. The invention of the modern lollipop is still something of a mystery, but a number of American companies in the early 20th century have laid claim to it.

How many Licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop“. If you are over thirty, you may remember this question. So….can you answer the question?















What were the first 3 words that you saw?














Watermelon that’s too cute to eat! Plus it’s a cool cook together for the entire  family. This week’s Recipe for Fun is from Dine and Dish and we suggest making a double recipe so you and the kiddos can eat as you create.

All that you will need for this watermelon treat  is Rice Krispies, marshmallows, raisins and flavored Kool Aid.

It would be perfect to bring to your next pool party or BBQ!

Dine and Dish has complete instructions for this simple kid friendly recipe, hop on over to get the 411.