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Rainy Day Rainbow Sandpaper Printed T Shirts

Make your own rainbows on a rainy day.  Alphamom has instructions for this is a super simple sandpaper printing technique that will keep your kids busy while making a cool shirt! She buys all of the  supplies at the Dollar Store for only $2.00.


Good quality crayons, a t-shirt, iron and fine sand paper. The more coarse sandpaper will provide more texture. Get the 411 from alphamom. Can’t bring back the sunshine but there are rainbows waiting for you.

Why do all of these vicious hurricanes have such sweet, harmless names? Like Irene, how could a name like that hurt anyone?

Good night and sleep tight in our Irene Bookcase Storage Bed.

Are you aware that you can not donate a drop side crib or even give it away on Craig’s List or Freecycle.

Look at this brilliant idea of an up-cycle for a defunct or whatcha gonna do with it crib! A Little Learning for Two has the the how to for “green” cribs.

On June 28, the Consumer Product Safety Commission  put new crib safety regulations into effect that not only prohibit the manufacture or sale—including resale—of traditional drop side cribs, but impose stricter guidelines for crib manufacturers.

These new standards,  will require that all cribs have fixed sides, and also require the slats to be made stronger to prevent breakage.  Safety testing will be even more stringent in proving compliance. Crib manufacturers will have to meet these new standards or face possible mandatory recalls and civil penalties.

These new mandatory standards, now gives the U. S. the most stringent crib standards in the world.   After years of advocating by many consumer groups these standards were approved in December 2010 and as of June 28, 2011 they are in effect.

This also applies to cribs used by hotels and childcare centers, although those organizations have been given an extension and won’t have to replace their cribs until December 28, 2012.

Now for a little green cribs and Sp-ham:

You grew up with the great taste of SPAM® (maybe)! Now, play SPAM™ The Dice Game. An instant classic, and it’s fun! Use the SPAM™ tin container as a dice cup and for travel.

How easy is this? Just add a little food coloring plus a paint brush and let the bath time fun begin! The palette is simply a muffin tin and Having Fun at Home who offers this great idea uses an old basting brush for application.


Every little boy will enjoy this pretend grown up activity of Shaving in the Tub – Rub a Dub Dub for even more fun in the tub.

Bath Time Tips

Rotate toddler bath toys: like the bedroom, rotating toys works a treat in keeping kids enjoying their toys. They don’t need the bath that full of toys anyway. Divide them into three or four piles, put in a bag that allows the toys to drain of water and dry and hang up in a cupboard. Swap the bags over once a week and see how much more they play with them.

Overcome the Fear of Water: The bath is a good place to develop good water skills with children and get rid of an illogical fear of water. Play gentle splash games and make up songs with actions that involve pouring water over the face and head of the children.

Also add in sections where the children voluntarily put their heads under the water to blow bubbles. Do this from the start and your children will not grow up with a fear of water. If your child has had a bad fright with water this is a good place to go back to again and build up to deeper water and activities.

A Bath Time Theme:

Fishing – catch objects with a flour sieve Ice-age – pre make colored ice cubes and watch them melt or play around them (good one for summer)

Clean Up Pick Up: Make it a part of the routine that children pull up the plug and put their toys away.  When they are very young you can help guide their hand into the bag or bucket you put the toys in. Start a good habit at a young age.

Anyone identify? Thoughts, comments?

Upstairs to downstairs in warp speed.










It’s  about time for a new form of public transportation, right?











You can make the Sleep n Slide a reality at your house!

Slip sliding away, slip sliding away…….

Yes indeed, upcycled and upside down.

Megan (surprise – surprise) here is a new project – how about building a which-way witch for the event. Birshykat has the 411 you’ll need for this creation. (witch BTW  was made from finds right here in Minneapolis) She even crafted the witches shoes! (the Goodwill is  conveniently located down the street) We will see what our talented furniture designer, Megan will come up with…

Hallo-Green Costume Exchange Party 2011.

Celebrate EEK-onomically this Halloween by exchanging costumes! Bring in your kids’ gently-used costumes and trade for a new-to-you one! Trading costumes is a fun way to get kids excited about recycling.  Join us at Totally Kids for games, prizes, and spooky treats!


All those participating will receive 10% off their entire purchase!*

Bring in gently-used costumes for kids or dogs and trade for a different one!

WHEN: Saturday, October 8 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
WHERE: Totally Kids at 7876 Portland Ave. South, Bloomington, MN 55420
WHAT: Hallow-Green Costume Exchange Party 2011
WHY: To offer families a creative, eco-friendly Halloween tradition

Everyone will be entered into a drawing; the first chosen will have first pick of a new-to-you costume. The rest will follow; then, let the trading begin!

Any additional costumes that you can donate will be combined with the leftover Halloween costumes and given to St. Joseph’s Home for Children. Last year we were able to provide a huge car load of Halloween costumes for the kids at St. Joe’s. This year our goal is to at least fill 2 car loads. Please help by sending over any gently used costumes that you are no longer using!
phone: 952-881-2425

To top off the witches head, (wherever it is) here are some yummy kid easy to make Witches Hat cookie concoctions.

Simple iingredients are Keebler Fudge stripe cookies (turned upside down), Hershey Kisses attached with orange Wilton tube icing. Soooo easy!

*Offer good October 8 only. Not valid on prior purchases, gift cards or combinable with other offers.